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First Shared Experience

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Well, let me start off by saying I found this site six months ago and have loved reading the stories. I am not gay and not interested in men, but I will share with you the first experience I had with a friend.

I was 15 at the time and my parents were away for the weekend, so I decided to invite one of my best friends, Will (not real name) around to my house. We have never done anything before together and had not really talked about masturbation.

We had played a bit of soccer, and computer games and talked about various things.

At about 1:00am we started watching TV. We flicked around the channels but there was nothing much on telly. The week before, I had bought a porn movie from my local store just out of interest really, as I hadn't seen a full length one before. So I asked him if he wanted to watch a new movie knowing what it was, and he duly obliged. I put the film on and it was very erotic. Within minutes we both had huge tents in our boxer shorts. We were in the living room watching it but we had both changed ready for some sleep later, so our boners were really obvious. I caught him looking at mine, but he turned away when I looked at him.

After around five minutes I really needed to jack off. So I thought instead of secretly going to the bathroom, I would just ask him flat out. 'Will, you don't mind if I wank do you, right here, now?' 'Not at all,' he said, to which I was fairly surprised by his reactions.

I was about to remove my boxer shorts, when I said to him, 'look, this may be quite uncomfortable, but why don't we both do it, then none of us will be embarrassed if we take it in turns. Let's do it at the same time' Once again, he said 'OK'.It seemed like he was desperate too, but didn't want to suggest it, as I could see his pre-cum from his boxers.

So we both wipped off our boxer shorts. My cock was about seven inches, where as his was around an inch shorter but a bit thicker. We were both a bit shocked that we had done this, and we were just staring at each others cocks for a minute.

It was then, I just took my hand and started to jack off at a fair pace. I had been masturbating for a few years, where as Will seemed a bit inexperienced. He was going quite slowly, and didn't seem to have found a technique that really worked for him. After three minutes of silently wanking with the movie playing in the background, I thought I would ask him something. 'Have you ever been given a handjob?'

'No, never' he replied. 'Well, we both know we are not gay, but how are we gonna be able to fully know ourselves without practicing?' I said. 'That's true'. He was quick to reply.

So slowly, I got up and walked over to where he was sitting. I sat down next to him, whereupon he stopped wanking and looked at me. In silence, I grabbed his cock and started wanking furiously. I needed a better angle to do it, so I knelt down in front him and carried on with two hands. Within minutes he was groaning and shot his load over my chest. There was loads of cum, about six or seven shots. It was quite sudden as he never warned me, but there was no turning back.

I went to sit back down next to him with his cum still on my chest. All of a sudden, he knelt in front of me, took his hand and wiped the cum off my chest, and started wanking me using his cum for lubrication. I was shocked and couldn't believe it. He just said, ' I think I should return the favour'.

I came in five minutes and shot my load over his chest. Again, this was quite unexpected but it was so pleasurable. We took it in turns to wash in the bathroom, then we went to bed.

That was our first experience, and we had a few more after that. Suffice to say neither of us thought it would go that far on the first time. We are happy with our sexuality, but masturbating is natural and exploring our bodies if something everyone should do.

I shall post more stories in the future.



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