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First Real Mutual With Ken

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Ken and I just returned to my house from the movies. My parents were gone for the weekend so it was just him and I.

Ken and I had been friends for a number of years and in the past two had gotten comfortable being naked in front of each other and even jacked off in the same room while looking at playboys.

It was about 9pm and I had a plan. I asked Ken if he would like to watch a porn video I had found in my Dad's closet? Sure, he said. I got the video popped it in and settled down on the couch. Ken sat on the loveseat facing the TV.

As I watched the vid and the action started I unzipped my pants and started to play with my cock. I kept watching the tv but out of the corner of my eye I could see Ken had also unzipped his jeans and was masturbating. I layed back on the couch and the more I played and watched the hornier I got.

About 15 minutes into the porn I slid my pants and underwear down over my ass and let them drop onto the floor. I also removed my socks and threw them onto my pile of clothes. Next off came my shirt. I lay back on the couch with my head at the far end, on my back, watching the movie totally nude and stroking my hard dick. It was unbelievably exciting. I knew Ken was watching me as much as the movie and now he had also removed his jeans.

We both had six inch cocks mine a bit thicker than his. Ken has red hair and short red pubes, I have light brown and have always kept my pubic hair nice and trimmed.

I looked over at the loveseat to see Ken now completely nude with a rock hard penis. From my position laying back on the couch I said 'this is pretty comfortable isn't it?'. Ken agreed with a big smile on his face.

With the movie about 1/2 over Ken stood up and walked over to the couch. He stood nervously over me. I looked up and could see the bottom on his balls and his cock sticking straight out over my stomach. I said 'hey' and Ken knelt down and put his hand around my cock. We had done a bit of 'truth or dare' and touched each others cock but not like this.

I now laid back and let Ken jack me. He stroked my cock with his right hand and massaged my balls with his left. I was never harder in my life! I would occasionally reach down and play with his hardon. After 10 minutes or so he stopped and went back to the loveseat. I remember watching his nude butt as he walked away.

He sat back down and now it was my turn. I got up from the couch and walked over. The tip of my cock was shiny with my precum. I sat down on the ground and asked Ken to join me. Leaning our backs against the loveseat and I started stroking him. I still remember how soft his thigh was against my forearm as I jacked him.

As my hand moved up and down on his rigid cock I could feel him tense up he started to cum. His cock pulsated and as I continued to stroke cum shot from his dick to his stomach, chest and all over my hands.

We both sat back and laughed. Ken stood up and went to the bathroom to wipe himself off. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a papertowel to clean off my hands. I walked back to the couch as the credits of the porn play on the TV. I lay back down and put my hands behind my head looking forward to Ken's return and hoping he would know I love to blow my load also.

Ken came back from the bathroom still nude with his soft cock bobbing as he approached me. 'your turn?' he asked. 'I think we better or I will never lose this hardon I said'. Ken sat on the edge of the coffee table that faced the couch and began to caress my cock with his hands. 'this won't take long' I said with a laugh. As he stroked and played with my balls the feeling got to be too much. My dick tightened and I shot four ropes of cum from my cock on to my stomach and chest. 'Wow that was great I said'! Ken and I now both headed to the bathroom to clean-up.

Since Ken was staying the night we both stayed nude and the next morning mutually jacked off again.



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