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First Penis

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John if you're out there reading this -- I still love you.


I grew up in a house full of sisters and I knew very little about boys, penises, balls or anything like that. One day at the age of 13, I was sunbathing at the lake with my best friend Jen, and we heard some boys up the hill behind us putting down their towels to sunbathe. They were right behind us and we almost got up and moved because they were so close. Now these two boys were really cute but they were several years older than us so we really weren't interested in them. After several hours of swimming and playing around we agreed to go back to our towels and sunbathe a little more before we went home. Shortly after we lay down the boys came back and lay down on their towels too. When I looked back at John (The oldest) I noticed something protruding from the crotch of his cut-offs. After staring at it for several seconds I whispered to Jen to have a look. I had no idea what it was but somehow I knew I wasn't supposed to be looking at it. Jen giggled and whispered back that it was his ball sack, 'It's where the baby's come from', she said. I couldn't stop looking at it. It was big and hairy. John just sat there with his legs spread apart talking to his friend Tim and he had no clue that I was staring at his exposed ball - or so I thought!
After about a half-hour of sunbathing I turned around to catch one more glimpse of that ball of John's and to my surprise I saw two balls, his penis and his pubic hairs all poking out from the crotch of his shorts. His penis was absolutely beautiful (about 6 inches soft). I whispered to Jen to have a look, she squealed, and we both turned around hoping they didn't notice. After repeatedly peeping back at John's exposed privates we noticed that Tim too had a problem keeping his genitals inside his shorts. It then dawned on us that they wanted us to look.
Jen and I sat up and started talking to them as if nothing was out of the ordinary. I kept looking down at their exposed genitals hoping that they wouldn't notice, but they did; they were all smiles. I told John 'there's something sticking out of your shorts' and he asked me if I wanted to touch 'IT'. I then leaned over and grabbed his balls and penis and gave them a good feel. I was genuinely curious about what it felt like. They then invited us to go back to their car to give us more privacy but we suggested a nice secluded area of the park with a lot of trees and bushes. When we got there it became very clear that Jen and Tim were a pair as they started making out and feeling each other all over. John looked at me and asked if I wanted to touch his 'cock' again as he invitingly pulled down his shorts. I reached down and began squeezing; tugging, pulling and massaging his cock and balls. How soft and tender the skin felt, it enamored me; I wanted to kiss it. Soon John's dick got really long and hard and pointed straight up in the air. He called it a 'boner' and showed me how he plays with it. He grabbed the shaft and began pulling up and down on the skin of his cock. With every stroke the head of his cock seemed to get shinier and purple. I was captivated. The more John stroked his boner, the heavier his breathing became, and he seemed to be losing control of his ability to stand up straight. Suddenly he cried out 'Oh God..Yes.Yes' as streams of cum came squirting out of the tip of his cock. I thought it was just pee but later found out it was sperm. Slowly John began to catch his breath and we looked over at Jen & Tim and to my surprise they were both naked and Jen was on her knees giving Tim a blowjob. At the time, I didn't know what Jen was doing but by the look on Tim's face, I knew it must have felt good.
John and I started to make out and I eventually ended up with no clothes on. I was so horny. We laid down on our clothes and towels as John ran his hands over my body to familiarize himself with my topography. Soon he discovered all my pleasure points as he masterfully treated me to the best orgasm I ever had. With his finger inside of me I lost control of my body and for a moment I forgot where I was. I don't know why but I began to cry. It was such a wonderful experience.
John was my steady boyfriend for about three years (we broke up when he went off to college) and he eventually took my virginity. At the age of 25, I have had many lovers, but no man has been able to please me like John. I have a lot of sexual energy and masturbate nearly every day (I love this website), but I long for the day when a man can treat me to the pleasures I experienced with my first love.



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