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First Penis

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On a date with my boyfriend one weekend night. We often would eat out and take in a movie. This night the only movie in town that looked good was at a drive in. We went in and got all set up to enjoy the movie.

Into the movie, we ended up kissing and making out. Unlike a regular movie house, we were alone and private at the drive in. We really got into the kissing thing. I soon felt his hand against one of my tits and I was getting so aroused. I pulled away a minute to catch my breath and looked down. There was just enough light to see the enormous tent in the crotch of his pants. I looked back at him and couldn't help myself from asking 'did I do that to you' while looking back down at the tent. He replied did you ever. I looked back down and just had to feel it. I'd never touched a boy's penis before in my life much less one that was aroused and hard like his was. I let my finger tips touch it and feel it. At my touch he let out a gasp. I continued to rub it. I could tell he was really enjoying this by his actions and sounds he made.

He raised his head and asked if I'd like to touch it. I said yes and he undid his slacks and lowered them. There it was. My first penis! It was enormous to me. I reached for it and felt it. It was so hard and soft feeling. I wrapped my hand around it and instinctively move it up and down. My boyfriend laid his head back groaning in what was obviously extreme pleasure. He was breathing very fast and said 'please don't stop. Oh my god: that feels good', etc.

I knew enough to know about boys emitting sperm into girls and this makes babies but had no idea what the sperm looked like or how it came out. I was about to find out very soon. His breathing got more deep and sharp and he let out a couple of ahhhs and then a loud grunting sound. His hand gripped my wrist of the hand I had wrapped around his cock. I could feel it throbbing in my hand as he squirted his sperm all over the place. It ended up on his shirt, the steering wheel, me and his arm and finally on my hand. I could also smell the stuff. It was a very distinct smell.

It took what all the cloths we could find in the car to get cleaned up. He ended up taking off his outer shirt and throwing it into the back seat. On later dates this became a regular routine except that he too got into the action of getting me off with his fingers rubbing my pussy. Why we broke up I'll never know.

Hope you enjoyed my first penis. I know I sure did!




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