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First Orgasm? Possibly

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I think I may have given my friend his first orgasm.


I was 7 or 8 years old at the time of the specific event I'm about to detail and I was living in a mobile home park and going to school I'd say about an hour away. My mother commuted to work and found it easier I suppose to have me going to school in the same vicinity, which meant for me that I didn't see my classmates outside of school that often.

There were however plenty of kids in the mobile home park where I lived but my Mother was very uncomfortable with me having them as friends for various reasons; they were in her eyes, essentially young criminals.

My mom not wanting me to be lonely began letting me invite a classmate over to spend the night pretty much every single weekend and school holidays. I usually took a bath with whoever came over but never got into any exploring or 'you show me yours and I'll show you mine' type of game because I had been taught by my Mom that all boys have the same stuff in between their legs and in all the times I had bathed with other boys my age I had no reason to doubt her.

When I had a friend over and it was bath time we would just get in the tub and play and splash and when bath time ended a huge mess of suds, wet towels and bath toys would be all over the floor. We would then get out, get dressed and do whatever else was next, which was usually sleep while my mom cleaned up. It was totally innocent.

One day I had one particular friend come over, and as we stripped down so we could wash, I didn't pay much attention to him. We got into the tub with soap suds overflowing and lots of toys and we were playing. My friend stood up and he was doing something I guess with an airplane or something pretending that it was flying but I got a glance at his penis and I didn't know then that he was natural so it looked strange to me.

When my friend stood up again for a longer time and the suds fell off completely I got a better look and I was pretty much eye level to his penis so I could observe it incredibly well. I was feeling sorry for him of all things and not really wanting to say anything. Have you ever seen someone with a small deformity but didn't want to mention it or ask about it? That's the way I was at that moment because I had never seen a penis that was left fully intact. Right then I was looking at one trying to figure out why it wasn't like mine or any others I had seen.

I had been taught by Mom that anytime somebody had something wrong with their face or body it was rude to ask about it because if they wanted to share it with you they would and I was trying hard to apply that rule in this situation. My friend stood up again and I broke the rule and quietly asked him what had happened to his private, and he said that he was born like that. I had never done this before but I reached out and began feeling his penis out of utter curiosity, and he became erect, and his bluish head barely peaked through his foreskin, leading me to explore even further especially around his pee hole. After a few moments it jumped a few times and I asked why he did that. He answered 'I'm not doing that, it's doing it by itself.'

After that we both decided that it was time to get out of the bath, not because of any weird or guilty feelings but simply because we had been in the tub so long.

Looking back on it I think it's possible I gave my friend his first orgasm and I wonder if he has vivid recollections of this incident like I do even though I haven't seen him since fifth grade.



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