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First Orgasm

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Did not know it was that good!


This is a great site, especially for those of us that have a fascination with masturbation. Thanks for the wealth of knowledge and experiences.
I would like to relate my first time actually masturbating to completion. I have had a strong sexual curiosity since the around the age of 10 or 11. This is about the same time I began getting frequent erections, especially accompanied by thoughts of some of the girls I began to find myself attracted to. I never really tried to do much with these hard ons, they were just a fascinating occurrence to me in that they would just spring up so rapidly at just a thought.
At around 12 years of age I got the 'talk' from my Dad which consisted of a few comments and questions on whether I had gotten erections and that if I played with it some 'stuff' might come out. That was it but it fired up my curiosity a notch. Soon after that he brought me the book 'Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex (But were afraid to ask)'. With the great amount of info there in even greater detail I knew that there was something more to these erections than what I thought I knew. All the talk about sensations, wet dreams, masturbation and orgasms got my young mind going. The only thing was there was nothing that explained the technique. There were numerous attempts to discover 'jacking off' that always fell short of expectations or in some instances proved to be too intense in sensation to continue enacting.
Over the next couple of years I discovered some porn in my Dad's possesion. This exposed me to just exactly what sex between a man and woman looked like and began to direct me towards what would be a more realistic way to imitate the action I read about. It wasn't until I was 14 that I finally figured it out.
One Sunday while my Mother, sisters, and grandparents went to an evening church program (Dad was Air Force and stationed away), I was left at home alone because I was still recovering from a cold. Well I had to go to the bathroom and while there I developed on of those instantaneous erections. For some reason the idea came to me that if I wrapped my hand around my penis and stroked it that would simulate being inside of a woman. The first few strokes felt alright but friction soon became uncomfortable. Since the sink was within easy reach I thought that if I used a little water as a lube that would help. And it did, I found that by getting my hand wet and keeping my grip somewhat loose I was getting some very nice sensations that seemed to expand in the head of my young dick and spread in warm waves throughout my body until I felt the hair on top of my head rise. It was a rush and completely absorbing. I felt like I was completely isolated with nothing but what I was feeling in the head of my dick being real. With only the occasional reapplication of more water to easy friction there was no break in the rhythm I settled into. It's been a long time so I don't remember how long I actually went on, probably just minutes but after a while I entered a kind of zone where my whole being seemed to concentrate on my dick and a feeling of heat began to grow somewhere behind my balls. I remember thinking this is GREAT! and I flet myself tense up as this feeling of heat built to a point and then began to travel up the shaft and to a point just underneath the head of my penis. Next thing I knew I tensed and convulsed and felt like I went into a dream and just exploded in electricity that was jumping out of my dick! I didn't actually see my orgasm but when I finally opened my eyes I was sitting on the toilet with a rapidly softening dick in my hand and semen all across the floor several feet in front of me. I could not believe what I had just accomplished! After I cleaned up I went back to my room to reflect on what I had just done. I remember still fondling myself as I lay I my bed thinking about it and soon had another raging erection. Being the scientific type I decided to see if the results could be duplicated and proceeded back to the bathroom and with greater attention to detail I jacked off again and this time watched in amazement as my cock swelled and quivered and then exploded once more in a powerful and breathless orgasm!
That was my technique nightly for some months, with me taking a glass of water with me to my bedroom nightly to 'quench my thirst'. Not long after that I discovered the joys of vaseline and baby oil. I still masturbate occasionally, even though I am happily married. I don't think I have ever gone longer than 6 months with out at least a few solo experiences. Now if I could just get my wife to masturbate....that would be awesome.
Thanks and I hope you all enjoy this, I did.



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