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First Orgasm

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I love reading stories of early experiences. I have summoned up the courage to post mine.


I have been fascinated by people's early sexual experiences for as long as I can remember and have spoken to many friends and lovers over the years about how they discovered things.

I am very often amazed by how late some people seem to be to start since for me it was a very early awakening. Similarly I cannot believe anyone cannot remember their first orgasm as for me it was and will remain one of my most powerful memories.

There is not a time I cannot remember it feeling nice to touch myself 'down there' as I used to think of it before I had real words to use. As a very small child I would fiddle with myself and quite quickly learned that adults told me off for doing it so it became a secret pleasure. I would often fiddle in bed before I went to sleep or when I woke in the mornings but when very young there were no climaxes and I would just do it until I got bored or something else passed through my mind.

Then one day I was fiddling one morning and I remember my little 'knob' as I called it (it was my clit but then I had no word for it) feeling more tingly. I think I was touching it slightly harder than normal and it felt really nice. The same as before but even more so. There was also a strange compulsion to rub a bit harder and faster-like my body knew there was more to cum. I fiddled and found myself actually sweating and hot and flushed. But then my mother knocked on the door and I was forced to stop and get ready for school.

All day I remembered my fiddling which was itself unusual as I usually never thought of it between fiddles. A couple of times the teachers told me off for day dreaming. I raced home after school and went to my room telling my Mum I was going to have a nap before dinner. This was quite unusual but not unheard of so she she tucked me up in bed and kissed me. As soon as she was gone from the room my hand went to between my legs. To my surprise I was slimy and wet. I think I might have noticed getting a little like that before but the day of imagining and remembering must have meant I was wet most of the day. I though I might have wet myself and sniffed my fingers-it was not pee and smelled musty. Something about the smell clicked in my brain as I felt a tingle down there. My fingers went back and started fiddling with my 'knob' again. This time the urgency happened almost at once and I was soon rubbing faster and harder than ever before.

Then it happened. I was like something struck me so powerful was the feeling. I was shocked and more than a little scared but also felt amazing. I think I might have made a noise as my mother called to ask if I was having a bad dream. I just kept quiet and still and she went away.

I was giddy from cumming for a while but when I came back I felt wonderful. I did not really know what had happened but a small part of me deep inside seemed to know it was natural. I tried to do it again almost at once. I was sensitive but soon was back to rubbing like before and eventually it happened again. Not shocking this time just total pleasure.

I was to do it three more times that night and not a day has gone by since when I have not cum at least once. Sometimes from sex but more than likely through masturbation.

Thank you all for reading my little story. If you like it, I have some others to share.



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