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First Orgasm

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My first orgasm happened when I was 13 and alone, and to this day (I'm now 29) I still remember it as being the most intense one of my life!

That morning I'd woken up slightly earlier than usual-I remember it was still pretty dark and just starting to get light outside. I looked at the clock and there were still another two hours to go before I had to get up for school. I shut my eyes and rolled over onto my side but there was a really strange feeling of tension deep in my stomach that stopped me going back to sleep straight away. Looking back on it I must have been incredibly aroused but I didn't know it at the time, or indeed know what to do about it! I just thought of it as an annoyance. Although I do recall a slight feeling of elation and maybe an increased heart rate while lying there trying to get back to sleep.

After I guess ten or fifteen minutes I did manage to get back to sleep, but when I did I very quickly started having a really erotic dream. And just when things were getting really racy I felt a very pleasing tingling sensation begin to build deep inside my stomach. I remember this felt absolutely brilliant and desperately wanted that moment to continue forever. But as the intensity slowly increased I gradually felt myself begin to wake up and although I tried really really hard not to, my dream slowly faded away and I felt myself gradually waking up and being aware that I was back in my bed.

But by the time I felt I had fully come out of the dream I didn't care any more-the tingling in the dream had followed me back to reality and it had got better!! By now it had given way to an intensely pleasurable burning sensation deep inside my pelvis and the feelings this fire was giving me were amazing. I suddenly became aware that back in reality I was on my own again, was breathing really heavily, moaning quite loudly and was gently thrusting my crotch into part of the duvet which had somehow got rolled up between my legs-presumably I'd been writhing around while I was dreaming!

I stopped all movements and held my breath, scared that maybe my vocal outbursts had woken up my parents who were in the next room. But the fire in my belly didn't want me to stop and after about half a minute of listening for activity next door (and not hearing any) I suddenly couldn't stand it any longer and started moving my restless crotch against the duvet again, although very slowly at first. I remember at the time feeling very strongly that nothing on this earth could stop me this time! Looking back on it I think that pause in the build up probably helped to intensify the massive orgasm that I ended up having, although I reckon it would have been pretty big anyway!

After just a few moments of gyrating my pelvis into the rolled up duvet I felt my vagina twitch a couple of times and then begin to pulse rhythmically. This felt divine and made me press myself even harder into the duvet. The fiery feelings in my guts rapidly built up again and as they slowly spread across my abdomen I held my breath so that I wouldn't cry out. My body became almost rigid although somehow I still managed to grip onto that duvet and hump it like there was no tomorrow! This feeling of unbelievable ecstasy gripped my body for I'm guessing about twenty seconds to half a minute.

Then my legs began to twitch violently and suddenly this amazing release came from nowhere. My vagina began to pulse so tightly I almost passed out. A really animalistic sound exploded from my lungs as I exhaled for the first time in about half a minute and these great throbbing waves of pleasure pulsed through my body. The intensity of these new spasms made me cry out loud with relief and as it all slowly faded away I became aware that the huge amount of tension that had built up inside me was gradually ebbing away. I continued to hump the duvet for a bit, glad for the release but not wanting to miss out on any of the dwindling feelings. Wow-what an experience!!

It was only after I'd eventually come down off my amazing high a few minutes later that I finally sent some exploratory fingers inside my pants to see what had been going on! I was amazed to feel how incredibly hot and swollen my vulva felt and the front of my panties were soaking wet. I left my hand down there while I thought about what had just happened to me, and occasionally I felt little twinges at my vaginal entrance accompanied by little tingles of pleasure in my pelvis.

I finally got back to sleep after maybe about twenty minutes but it was a real struggle to get up for school an hour or so later! Needless to say this all led to a lot of experimentation but I look back now on that night as the most amazing one of my life. The first times are always special!

Maybe I'll share some other masturbation experiences at a later date. but I'd love to hear of other people's dream-related orgasms, especially if they are related to their first ever orgasm. I very rarely have orgasms in my sleep or dreams these days but when I do I absolutely love it!!! I usually wake up just as I'm about to come. or just after I've come. You can't beat warm sleepy orgasms!



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