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First Orgasm

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It was so amazing... I still owe him...


I remember this like it was just yesterday... My boyfriend (Ben) stopped over to hang out before he went to Boy Scout camp two days later.

We played on the computer for a few hours, then shortly afterward he turned on a movie (we usually had a hot and heavy make-out session at some point during it... I still haven't seen the entire movie...) I told him, remembering past events, that there was no way we'd see the entire movie. He gave me a sly smile and said otherwise.

To make a long story short... I was right. I started acting all seductive I kissed his cheek- inching my way over to his lips. He took the bait and started to kiss me back while massaging my clit, through my jammies, with his fingertip. This got me really wet... We continued kissing and fingering for a bit... Then it got hot 'n heavy... The kisses got more frantic and sloppy while he slid his hand under my underwear and onto my clit directly. He made comments like 'Dang your wet' and 'It's like a heater down there'... Eventually, the constant rubbing got me a little more horny... he then concentrated solely on trying to give me an orgasm (while still kissing to keep me from moaning too loud)... probably 5 minutes went by when I finally asked him (in an embarrassed horny rage-I never liked to use it in front of him) to get pinky (my vibe) out from under my bed.

He grabbed it after I asked him for it the third time and put it in my pants. I shoved it in me while he continued on my clit. He then asked why I didn't turn it on yet. I told him that I just got it in me and to be patient... Well, I turned it on and twisted and pumped it while he kept on my clit. ('Dude, I can feel it!' he said while fingering me). Eventually I got to the point where I told him to stop for a moment. I thought I'd heard my mom (she left us alone in my room but I had to leave the door open so she could walk in anytime.) I was close to orgasm, and couldn't stop, so I told him to take a break from my clit. I attacked my insides with my vibe while he watched (obviously turned on).

He couldn't take it anymore and slid his hand back to my clit while kissing me crazily. He started talking dirty to me... ('Yeah b-, you like that? Oh yeah... Does that turn you on? Does it make you horny? Yeah b-...') It was so hot! He had never done that before! I then became really close to orgasm but plateaued out (again... bad habit)... I told him that, while still pumping/pushing pinky into my G-spot... He kept talking dirty, then suddenly I felt AMAZING pleasure in my vagina... The G-spot was getting love... It turns out, he inserted 2 fingers in me to increase the pleasure on my end. He then bent them (while thrusting his fingers in me) so he nailed the G-spot. It felt so good... I started moaning and panting (my face was beet red) so he covered my mouth with his hand to shut me up... eventually, he gave me a pillow to bite down on so he could use both hands. Suddenly I buckled and almost bit a hole in my pillow. I had my first orgasm...

He then took his hand out of me and told me to remove pinky and clean up. I hobbled to the bathroom and wiped up. I felt so relaxed after this point, it was just... wow.

I owe him so much. He didn't ask for me to get him off (I had many times in the past), he just wanted to have all of the focus on me. He helped me have my fisrt orgasm (after MANY failed attempts by myself). I can still never get that feeling that he gave me, by going solo. Ben, I love you.



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