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First Orgasm

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Hey all, I found this site just yesterday, so I decided to post my story.

I'd like to say first off that my family is somewhat religious and strict on terms of cussing and such. I'm 18 years old and I'm still not allowed to cuss in any way, my mother feels the word 'crap' is a little extreme for crying out loud. So when it comes to talking about what sex is, etc, I was rather clueless for most of my early teen years, as well as I was also rather extreme on being anti-cussing and such.

Unlike some guys, I was fourteen before I discovered masturbation in any form, and just before then, what sex really was. Being rather innocent, I thought sex to be merely naked people rolling around, kissing, etc. Hell, I recall thinking what my dogs were doing in the backyard was funny, it never occured to me that we as humans did the same thing as animals. As you can see, I was rather brainless, and very sheltered. Even sex ed class meant nothing to me, I didn't understand.

I guess I have to say I discovered sex from seeing my first porno, and even then, I never understood what it meant to be aroused, and I couldn't comprehend why my penis did what it did. After having this happen twice, I was too confused, and did not watch any sort of porn any more for a few years later.

After a while, I started, as they say, 'experimenting' with myself. I figured out that if I flexed my muscles in a specific way within my groin area, I grew bigger. I thought this was so cool, although, still considered a child and not understanding what I was doing, I believed I had the odd ability to make my penis grow (once again, sheltered and stupid.)

It took some time before I found that it felt good to do this, but I still did not understand, so I chose not to do it much at all. Several more years past, and my family got satellite TV, and I saw that they had yet to set up the adult channels to be blocked. I sat there, late at night, wondering if I should sit there and purchase one. I had got slightly older than the last time I had watched porn, so I knew what it was, and I have to say, it excited me.

Before I knew it, I had felt myself enlarging, somewhat against my will, but the thought of breaking the rules and seeing naked women then excited me even more, it didn't take long before I was rather aroused. I continued flexing my muscles there in the way I had before, and I touched myself some with my hand, and before I knew it, that tingling sensation came over me. I stopped, scared, not knowing what I was doing, why I had had that fealing, but it had felt good so I continued, until I finally had my first orgasm. I knew what it was and understood it perfectly this time, but what I didn't understand was how to stop. I came many times, the whole orgasm lasting about a minute or one and a half. By the time I was done, my shorts were soaked. Ashamed, I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself off as well as changed my clothes.

That was many years ago, and now, yes, I know much more about women, sex, and masturbation, and I do it once or twice a week, but more often if my girlfriend is involved.

Well, there it is, I've shared my story and I hope you enjoyed it.



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