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First Orgasm

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It was a cool October afternoon in my eleventh year that I rode to a neighborhood basketball court on my bicycle. There I met a boy I knew was thirteen. After some conversation he started talking about masturbation and asked if I had tried it. I told him I hadn't but that I heard about it and wanted to know how to do it. He then proceeded to tell me all about it's wonderful aspects and the process of doing it. Before long he had told me how and even offered to show me how in the woods if I wanted. I was much too shy then to even consider it.

I soon left for home, arriving late in the afternoon as my mom was preparing supper. There was a small bathroom off the kitchen that had a lockable door and so it was there that I decided I would try this 'jerking off' that all the boys were doing. I went in, pulled down my jeans and jockeys then sat on the commode and began fondling and massaging my penis as Frank had told me. I did this for some time with little effect other than that my penis became semi-erect. I was thinking all sorts of things, one of which was how weird this seemed and how ashamed I would be if I were caught doing it.

I finally became fully erect and stopped to examine myself. I had experienced erections before, but only spontaneous ones. This was something new, a self-induced erection and I admired my handy work. I began in earnest to massage the head of my penis as I had been tutored and soon began to have the strong, and at that time strange feelings which signal the beginning of a male orgasm. It was too much for me to cope with and I suddenly stopped. I thought of how this was much more powerful than I had expected and seriously considered not completing the act until another time.

I felt an intense tingling and tickling sensation in my stomach, groin and legs. After a while my curiosity won out and I started the stimulation again. It took some time, but that strange feeling began. I continued and it got more and more intense. I was frightened but I continued thinking this must be it. As I reached the peak of my orgasm a loud yelp escaped my mouth. I felt as if I wanted to scream out and like I was going outside of my body even. It began then subsided and I knew that I was going to survive. At that point my mom raised her voice asking me through the wall if I was OK. I answered that I was and stared at my deflating erection.

It had been a dry orgasm, yet it was one of the most powerful ones of my life, or at least it exists that way in memory. I dressed and saw that my face and ears were bright red and upon leaving the bathroom went directly to my room to cool down. Before I lost consciousness that night, in sleep, I had experienced three more orgasms and life would never be the same.



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