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First Older Male Cousin

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amazing site! amazing stories. appreciate you guys sharing.


It was hotter than most years that summer, the year I was twelve. And, as was usual, I had gone to visit my father and his wife for the summer.

They had just moved into a new house and my step-mother was pregnant with my half-sister at the time. A makeshift bedroom had been set-up for me in the unfinished basement, just off the TV room, where I could get out of the heat and have some privacy. At the time, I was the only child in the house.

One day, after several weeks, my father told me that he and my stepmother were going to go out for the evening. He said that, 'although I was old enough to stay at home by myself', they had invited my cousin, by marriage, to spend the night, so I would have some company. I agreed, knowing it was babysitter time.

I had never met this cousin. I was told his name was David and he was about 14. He was due to arrive just before dinner.

David arrived as scheduled and I was very taken with his appearance and demeanor. All I can remember is he had dark curly hair, was goodlooking and wore jeans that fit very well, with a plain button down shirt. After dinner and kitchen cleanup, my parents left and we went downstairs to watch TV.

We chatted a bit around the usual topics then settled in for the evenings programs. I was a bit reserved, not having had an older male sibling, and, of course, was more than just a bit taken by his masculinity and self confidence.

The evening progressed and while we continued to watch television, I felt a great quiet tension, as often happens when alone in the same room with someone you don't know well.

Thoughout the evening, I kept hearing this subtle scratching sound. It seems David had a nervous habit of running his fingernail across the fabric ribs of his jeans. I tried to ignore the sound and when I snuck a look at him doing this, his hand was right next to the fly in his pants, which showed a rather large bulge. This went on for some time and during a commercial break I looked over at him and then at his crotch. He saw me and asked if what he was doing was bothering me. I said no and continued to watch TV, although I was a bit distracted and for some reason felt butterflies in my stomach (stealing glances at his bulge and his scratching all the while).

I continued to sneak glances at his crotch and it appeared to be filling out quite nicely. Although, I was only 11 at the time, I was entering puberty, and wasn't completely innocent. I had experimented with a couple of friends by this age and it was obvious, even at that moment, that someone else in the room was very horny.

By this time I had a boner and was very eager to see what might be behind that buttoned bulge. I had never seen an older boys dick. And my breathing started comming on heavier.

I think David could tell I had a hard on too and he started to finger the opening between the straining buttons of his pants. It had been quiet, aside from the TV, for some time and there was a lot of sexual tension in the room.

As I watched him finger his fly (now openly), the silence was broken when he asked if I had ever jacked off. I was only able to utter a throat choaking yes. Next he asked how often I did it and I answered about once a day. He offered that he did it twice a day, or more. Now, he really had my attention.

After what seemed like forever, he asked me if I ejaculated when I came. I replied, no and asked him what he meant. David explained about what he called jizz and how it came out when he jacked off. He also told me how he had pre-cum before he came. I was getting really wound up by now, it had gone on for so long.

Finally, my curiosity and hormones were getting the best of me and I asked him to show me his dick. He made me plead to see it and finally said that if he could see mine he would do the same. Not dick shy, I agreed, knowing I would be seeing what my dick would look like when I got older.

David commenced to unbuttoning his fly, one popping button at a time. My heart was racing as I unzipped my pants and dug into my briefs for something to show.

Through the open fly of David's pants, I could see he was wearing briefs and the bulge was major. After pulling my tiny dick out, I think he was embarassed by the size of his own dick and was reluctant to bring it out. I asked if I could feel it through his pants, as I scooted closer across the couch. He moved his hand away and mov-ed his hips up so I could grab a handful. Wow! And did I. Even through his jeans and briefs it pulsed and seemed to have a life of its own.

I rubbed his crotch and asked him if it felt good. He said yes and I could tell he was enjoying himself. So, I took the next step and began to pull the band on his briefs down to expose his dick. And then I took it all in. Every detail. His dick was huge, probably eight inches, with a beautiful cut head. I couldn't get my hand around it, with fingers touching, once I got it out of his shorts. I had never seen anything like it. When I held it it was heavy in my hand. and I began to explore the veins, the head and the piss slit. Which, by this time was oozing pre-cum at a good rate.

After some time squeezing and fondling and jacking him, and admiring his virile bush (still one of the best bushes I've ever run into) we started jacking ourselves. I told him I wanted to see him cum and he just started pumping away.

Oozing more and making his dickhead red and plum-like, we were both on the brink. I was in the throws of a dry orgasm, heading toward the end, when David started his sexual fit and I stared as rope after rope of his sperm hit his stomach. I reached over to feel it and he started to clean-up right away. Wiping it all up with a hanky.

David and I always got to masturbate together whenever he came over to babysit my sisters, until I was old enough to sit for them myself. It was always made interesting and never a hurried situation. There were times when I would have liked to try more, but we never did and we have since lost touch. I enjoyed these times we had together.



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