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First (of many) Times Getting Naked with my Sister

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My sister and I had a lot of mutual masturbation fun together. This is how it began.


By the time I was fourteen years old, I had been masturbating for almost two years. like most boys that age, I was pretty proud of my own penis, especially when it was erect, and I had a desire to show it off. The question was: to whom? I was a shy kid. I was tall for my age, skinny, and not very athletic. Looking at pics of myself at that age, I can see now that I was actually almost cute, but I didn't think of myself that way when I was fourteen, and I was pretty sure most girls didn't either. I'd had one experience with a girl at school (she'd given me a hand job) and my older sister caught me jerking off and forced me to finish while she watched. But otherwise, nothing had ever happened. I wanted to share my penis with someone who I thought would really appreciate it, and enjoy it. I wanted someone to like it as much as I did. The obvious choice, or so it seemed at the time, was my sister. She and I were friends. You could even say pals. Buddies.

My sister and I got along great and often hung out together. The idea of intentionally showing her my erect penis was scary though, but the more I thought about doing it, the more the idea gained traction in my mind. The thing is, I had to make it look like it was an accident, like before, so that if my parents somehow found out, the worst they could do was to tell me to be more careful. I hatched a plan. To get to her room, my sister had to walk right past my bedroom door.

So, one Saturday afternoon after taking a shower, I went to my room, let the towel drop to the floor, kept the door open, and waited by my dresser for her to come upstairs. I ended up waiting WAY longer than I thought I would. But eventually I heard her coming up the stairs. My heart started to beat like crazy, the adrenaline was pumping, and I could feel my heat beat in my erection. Just before she came around the corner, I freaked out. Big time. I lunged for the door hoping to close it before she saw me, but I was too late. She rounded the corner from the staircase and stopped dead in her tracks, about ten feet away from me just as I was reaching for the door. Her eyes locked on my penis, and her face instantly split into a massive smile! She didn't even try, or make any attempt, to hide the fact that she was totally loving see it! Now what? Quick! What do I do next? For a moment, who knows how long, we were both frozen in place. My leaning for the door, buck naked, full-on 14 year old erection in the open, her staring wide at and happy at it. "Uhh…" I said stupidly. "Sorry." And not knowing what else to do, I closed the door.

It occurred to me then that I hadn't made any plans for AFTER she saw me naked. I had planned up to that moment, but nothing after it. Moron. The next time I saw my sister I was fully dressed, and I was encouraged by the knowing, warm smile she gave me. I blushed. But I knew that it would not be the last time I exposed myself to her. And I didn't have to wait very long either. The next day was Sunday. Church day. In our house we only had one full bathroom, and on Sunday mornings my parents always got up early, showered, dressed and got all ready before the kids did. I waited until it was just she and I upstairs, and then I went to the bathroom and took a fast shower. When I was out, I listened through the door to make sure the coast was clear. I heard my parents downstairs. Good to go!

I opened the door while totally naked and sporting a boner, and made the walk from my bedroom, right past her open door. As I went past, I slowed my pace a little and said, "G'morning" and waved at her. She did a quick double take, and once again, she locked her eyes on my erect penis and popped a huge, toothy grin! I kept walking, but paused long enough to make sure she got a good eyeful. Well now, of course, it was obvious that my display was fully intentional. There was no more hiding behind "Oops I left the door open." And as such, my sister made it obvious that she had liked the show, and wanted to see it again. She began to hang out around my open door, especially in the mornings and evenings when I was changing clothes. Our little game was obvious. She would come to my door and act all innocent, like she had some off-the-wall question, and of course I would right then feel the need to get half naked and change my boxers. And as I changed, we'd both keep an ear out for anyone coming up the stairs, all while I'd linger in the half naked stage, my boner in the open, as long as I dared before getting dressed. All this time we would both pretend like she wasn't staring at my penis the entire time.

This went on for a few days, maybe a week. And while it was fun, I wanted more. First of all, I wanted her to do more than just look at my penis. I wanted her to experience it. and second, my sister was a cute kid with a nice, tight body, and I wanted to see her naked just as she had now seen me. Turns out, for the me seeing her naked part, all I had to do was ask. I waited for just the right moment. It was another Saturday, maybe a couple weeks since she first saw me. My parents were out doing who-knows-what, but they had let us know that they'd be gone for hours. My younger kid brother was downstairs glued to the TV. Situation perfect. I waited until she was in her room getting it clean (part of our mandated Saturday chores), and then I got naked and went to her doorway.

"Hey" I said. She spun around, and when she saw me naked leaning on her door frame she got that big smile on her face and again locked her eyes on my penis. "What's up?" she replied, not taking her eyes off my erection. "So I was thinking" I said. "You've seen me naked a few times now. I think maybe it's my turn to see you." Her smile got even larger. "Ok" she said. "I've been thinking. Want me to do a strip dance for you?" "A what?" "You know, how women dance while they strip off one piece of clothing at a time until they are totally naked? Want me to do that?" "Uh, ok, sure!" I said, while wondering where she had come up with this idea. "Cool! I've got it all planned out. You sit here on my bed. I'll be right back." She vanished inside her walking closet, and I could hear rummaging and the changing of clothes. When she came out, I was surprised at the clothes she had on! She looked like a stripper! She had on a frilly scarf around her neck (no idea we even had something like that) her two piece swim suit, and a too-small T-shirt that showed her midriff.

She began to dance, and damn! I have no idea where this girl learned to move like this, but I began to wonder if she was sneaking swanky movies at a friend's house, because I KNOW she didn't learn this stuff watching the TV shows and movies our parents allowed. She gyrated her hips, swanked her legs, and even grabbed on to her four post bed pole and ground her pelvis against it! Wow! She slowly peeled off her t-shirt, then her top. Her chest was still pretty much flat and only had the very smallest hint of boobs, but I didn't care. It was the lower part I was excited to see. She swung her scarf under her legs and pulled it up tight over her pussy and butt, and slid it back and forth a few times. Then she turned so her back was to me, and slowly worked her bottoms down. As her cute little butt cheeks came into view, my penis throbbed and lurched. This was fun! She let her bottoms fall to the floor and wiggled her tight, sexy little ass at me a few times. It was just as luscious and fun as I had known it would be, and I longed to grope and fondle her cheeks.

Before turning around, she bunched her scarf up into a ball, and held it in front of her pussy, then she gyrated her hips as she turned to face me, naked but for the scarf covering her pussy. She ground her hips at me a few times, and then slowly began letting the scarf fall to the floor, unit only one hand was covering what I was so excited to see. At last, with a forward thrust of her hips, she flung her hands into air and said, "TA DAA!" "NICE!" I said. And it WAS nice. Covering her flowering pussy and the faintest whiff of peach fuzz hair. It was nothing like the full woman pussies I'd seen a few times in the playboy magazines I'd managed to get a hold of. Hers was delicate, small, fragile and young. "Wow" I said. "Honestly, where did you learn to do that?" "Do what?" she asked, standing before me buck naked as I raked her with my eyes. Tight tummy. Long, skinny legs. Small pert breasts with long nipples. Peach fuzz pussy. Totally relaxed, knowing I was looking her up and down. "To dance like that." She didn't answer. "What should we do now?" she asked. "Well, since you asked" I said. "I happen to have a few ideas."



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