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First Night With Bob

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True true true.. a night of masturbation to remember!


This happened last summer and always makes me smile when I remember it.

I wanted to have an extension built onto the second floor of my house and my mom suggested this architect guy who lived near her that she knew from her tennis club. She said he was attractive and about my age but I was getting kind of fed up with her going on about different single guys at her club/work etc. and didn't pay it any attention. My mom has this thing that any single girl washing her hair on a Saturday night is going to end up in the sewer! 'If someone asks you out, just go! Even if you don't like him...go out.. you might like his friend?!'. That summer she would call me every Friday and Saturday night around 8 o'clock and if I was home ask me why? I love her but god almighty she can drive a girl crazy.

It was a Sunday afternoon in late July and it was beautiful out. I swung by my mom's to drop off a bottle of wine for later and walked the two blocks up to his condo building. The doorman stopped me when I went in and said that there was a message for me to wait outside in the hall as Bob was in a meeting. I thought wow, he must be really good if he has back-to-back consultations on a Sunday! I went up to his floor and sat outside in the hall and waited. As I heard voices behind the door I got up and moved forwards and as the door opened he and a middle-aged woman appeared on the threshold in mid-conversation. He thanked me for waiting and when his eyes fell on me he totally stopped what he was saying to this other woman and stared at me. She drifted out through the door looking at me slightly strangely and I drifted in with Bob looking taken aback. The door shut on this woman without even a goodbye! It was actually pretty funny!

For once, my mom had been right! He was very attractive. I sat down on the couch and we chit-chatted about my mom and stuff for a few minutes before getting my plans out and going over them. He asked me how many bedrooms there were in my house and, oh god, I was so completely distracted by him I couldn't remember!!!!! '2.. uh, wait a minute no 3... are there 3??... ya, I think there are 3!'. I started to laugh inside thinking 'Christ, will you keep it together girl'.

A really horny vibe was heating up the room. I kicked off my shoes and curled them around me on his couch. It was one big open space (a loft type condo) and his bed in the corner kept catching my eye and I felt like I was starting to glow. He totally picked up on it and starting to give me signals. The signals got bigger and bigger and he told me how juicy he thought I was! I really hadn't been expecting this and I suddenly got nervous and didn't know how to respond. Was he for real or a player? I was afraid I was about to get into something over my head so, I cooled things down. When it was time for me to go we exchanged details and I said I'd think about his suggestions for the house and although I couldn't afford to do it just yet, I was sure I would at some point and that I'd be in touch further down the road.

I escaped the inferno of sexual tension and felt kind of strange walking over to my mom's for supper. My mom was eager to hear about our meeting and I told her what happened. She loves a good romance story and when I told her about it and that he'd said I was 'juicy' she said 'He said that? Oh my god! I'm surprised he didn't throw you down on the bed!' I was stunned my mom said that. I guess she was pretty racy back in her day! I've gotten closer to her in recent years but I didn't grow up with her and sometimes I really feel the lack of not having had her around to teach me a few things.

To my delight, Bob called me the next day and asked if he could come over and see my house as he had been thinking about the designs he had suggested and was sure he could come up with something cheaper. I smiled to myself and thought, okay buster, you do seem genuinely keen and I haven't stopped thinking about you since last night so.... I asked him to come over the following weekend and I said I'd cook him dinner. I was unbelievably nervous and excited. By the time the weekend rolled around I think I was probably the horniest girl in the city.

Well, we didn't do too much talking about the house!! Extension? Who gives a shit about an extension when you have a sexy guy standing in your bedroom at 7pm on a balmy Friday night?! From the moment I opened the door to him that night I had sex written all over my face. I felt a bit slutty with the skimpiest of thongs on and no bra under my figure hugging dress, what the hell! You only live once. His eyes were all over my body when he walked in and I felt pretty sexy slinking around. I think he was quite surprised when I kissed him. I could not wait one more minute I was so hot for him. Pretty soon we were making out on my bed and he lifted my skirt up and gave me a mind-blowing orgasm with his hand and fingers. It happened so fast. It was then his turn for some attention and I did what I'd been wanting to do for a whole week!!! I covered my hand with my juice and stroked his hard shaft with long, slow strokes until he came.

We never ate dinner that night and he stayed over and we did it all over again the next morning before breakfast. In fact, he stayed the entire weekend and we are still dating to this day. My mom takes all the credit of course.... Mothers do!

And the extension still isn't built! Maybe when we stop having sex we'll get round to it!



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