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First Night To Touch

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Discovering Myself

A constant burning desire that I felt in my pussy...the dampness of my panties continually causing me to have to change them was what I experienced on a daily basis. I was an 18-year-old horny young woman, always excited and ready for some new dick to fuck my pussy, some new tongues to taste me and lick me to orgasm, eager and almost anticipating that new experience to come my way.

My deepest desires and sexual needs are only met by pure affection and attention. I yearned for men's attention, sometimes grasping for the attention of men that don't belong to me, yet making that desire even more strong to get it. I often fantasized about being bucked by all different types of men, feeling their tongues slide in and out of my wet pussy, all over my hard clit, seeing their face in between my firm thighs, only to make my pussy burn deeper, as I am compelled to grab their head with both hands, forcing their tongue deeper and harder into my most private area.

I thought about this a lot, causing the images to be burnt into my mind. Yet, I was almost afraid to show that same attention to myself. I often thought about masturbating, allowing my own fingers to arouse myself, giving myself the pleasure I had desired so badly. It had been awhile since my pussy was given any attention, the selection of men ran limited, almost non-existent. I was getting very impatient; flashbacks from the last summer ran through my mind.

One night in the hot tub at my parents' house, one of my guy friends asked me if I had ever touched myself, giving myself pleasure. My response was not accepted by any of the guys there that night. All they kept saying was that 'all females masturbate, and the ones who deny it are liars.' Even with my persistence in the truth, the guys just waved it off and asked me to sit on top of the hardest jet until I came in front of them. Bashful and shy, I told them no, but with a little persuasion I decided to do so.

When I saw the excitement beaming from their faces, the lust that I saw in David's eyes instantly triggered that very familiar feeling. My clit was swelling, my pussy started throbbing, I wanted to feel that hard stream of water push right through my panties and into my pussy. The thought of David's eyes watching me fuck the jet only deepened my already burning pussy. I was brave for only seconds, holding back that pleasure I desired if not deserved.

However, this particular night I had decided that I was going to do something different. My yearning for a hard cock was too strong and knowing that wasn't an option at the time, my fingers seemed like the next best thing. I was staying at a friend's house for the weekend and knew that at the first opportunity I had, I was going to give into my every growing desire and put my hand inside of my panties.

It was late, and Brittany decided to cook a late night dinner for us. I told her I was going to lie down and rest for a while until she got done. I quickly ascended the spiral staircase up to the loft, Brittany's room, which overlooked the kitchen below. I quietly changed into a t-shirt and panties then crawled into Brittany's bed and under the covers. I lay still for a few moments, making sure I was completely alone. Excited, I was nevertheless nervous to feel my own pussy that I had so freely given to the guys, the pussy that was my very own.

Slowly, my right hand slid down between my legs. I began to caress my pussy back and forth, squeezing it as I rubbed through my dampened panties. This only made the burning stronger and my panties wetter as a warm, thick cum started to ooze out of my tight cunt. I liked these new feelings that I was experiencing and had to have more. I knew Brittany could walk in anytime but I couldn't control myself.

By now I had my panties around my knees; my pussy was demanding that I grab it. It deserved to at least have my fingers rub over it. It was too late. Once my fingers touched my swollen clit, I immediately started to slide them up and down my cunt, feeling the creases of the moist slit separating my lips, the door to my most private and deepest desires. Slowly, I slid my index finger through that door, only to open up a river of my own juices that came gushing out of me, covering my finger and Brittany's sheets in a thick, white cum.

All of a sudden I could hear Brittany coming up the stairs, and as quick as I put my finger inside of me, I pulled it out, knowing that I had just found what I was going to spent the rest of my summer doing. I quickly jumped up out of her bed as she came through the door. I don't know if she ever knew what was going on but the grin that I had on my face from the ecstasy and the anticipation of next time had to tell her something. As we went back down stairs to eat, my pussy kept burning and pulsing.

That was over four years ago, and it hasn't stopped since. I tried to ignore it like I had been so used to doing in the past. But after finding out what I could do with the insertion of just one finger, rarely a day has passed that I haven't buried my index finger (along with three more fingers now) deep inside of myself and let the juices start flowing.



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