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First Night of Ecstacy

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My first husband was boring. I was 18 when I married him, and 20 when we split. In the three years we were together, we probably only had sex 20 times. And it was boring. I thought it was normal. It probably was.

I didn't have much experience before him. I had only actually had sex with one other guy, and I barely even masturbated much as a teenager. I had plenty of boyfriends, I just rarely did anything more than kiss them.

After we divorced I got my own apartment and began masturbating more, and found it surprisingly pleasurable and independent-feeling. I still remember my first night with my first vibrator. Out of this world!

Anyway, this story is about my sexual awakening with my (current) husband... I met him at a bar (I was out with two of my girlfriends), and I was really into him. His eyes were mesmerizing, and his chest, too. As soon as my girlfriends dropped me off at home I texted him. He responded almost immediately. We texted each other until midnight, then decided to meet. We met that night at a Taco Bell and talked for two hours. I didn't want to seem 'easy', but I really wanted to bring him home..

So there we were at my apartment door, kissing and touching like crazed teenagers. I had never been so horny in my life. We kissed passionately, and he grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them. I felt my pussy open slightly. My panties were absolutely soaked. I felt his dick stiffening against me. He kneaded my breasts. All of this at 2:30am outside my apartment door. I felt like I was about to explode. Five minutes later we were on my bed having sex.

Not wanting him to cum in me he began stroking his beautiful dick, and eventually he began shooting semen all over my stomach, breasts, and neck. He laid down next to me and put his tongue in my mouth and we kissed passionately, while his softening dick landed on my hipbone.

As if the sex wasn't great enough, it's what he did next that really got me. He reached up and guided my hand down to my pussy and had me start masturbating! He was laying on my left hand, but was using my right hand to stroke my clit! It was a very strange thought process: I felt like I shouldn't do it, but it was so hot that I just went with it. I had never masturbated in front of anyone before, and I certainly hadn't ever been ejaculated on before.

He kissed me the whole time, then he removed his hand from mine. Instinctively I stopped rubbing myself. He guided me to continue, so I did. I saw a string of cum from the tip of his dick, connecting to my hip. I don't know why, but that turned me on more. We continued kissing, and with his free hand he touched my breast, right on a little clump of his semen. It startled me a little bit, I really didn't know much about semen, or what to do (or not do) with it. He gently smeared it around for a moment, then he picked up a different clump of cum and set it down on my nipple, then began smearing it all over my nipple. I was absolutely intrigued, and mesmerized, and horny as hell.

He then lifted another little glob of cum, but this one he brought higher all the way up to my face. And he held it above my mouth. And he waited. And I had NO IDEA what to do, but I opened my mouth and gently held my tongue out, as he carefully set this little clump of semen on my tongue. And I tasted semen for the first time in my life, and I enjoyed it. I literally closed my eyes and savored it for a moment before swallowing it and opening my eyes.

My hand was moving much more intently on my pussy, and I was so horny I was light-headed. He lifted more semen to my mouth and wiped it onto my tongue, then cleaned his fingers on my lips. Before I even swallowed it, he had more, but this time he smeared it on my closed mouth. We both moaned with satisfaction. He wiped more of the cum off my belly and onto my nose and cheeks. Then more cum, this time onto my mouth and chin. He continued to finger-paint the warm, lumpy cum all over my lips, cheeks and even my forehead. It felt like 10 minutes, but who knows.

I was in absolute ecstacy, and very close to orgasm. He could tell. He lifted his body off my arm and guided my hand to his dick. I grabbed his dick and started to orgasm as soon as I felt it in my hand. Waves of orgasm washed over me, and I fear I was a bit too loud for my neighbors. I was absolutely exhausted, naked, and I had semen drying on my face, stomach and chest.

Best sex ever, and it was mostly masturbation.



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