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First Night at College

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This all happened around a week ago. First off I'm 18 and one of my best buds, who just turned 19, had just finished his first year at UGA. He decided he wanted to take some classes this summer so he stayed in his dorm on campus. A little about me and my friend 'Tyler.' I am 5'11 thin and muscular, (I swim), with light brown hair. Tyler is a little taller than me with a well defined 6 pack, (He plays soccer), and blond hair. I've been thinking about going to UGA so my parents let me drive to Athens for a few days so I could take a tour and hang out with Tyler.

The guy Tyler was going to room with had some financial problems and had to move out. So while the room was vacant, Tyler offered me to chill at his place while I was in Athens. We spent the first day walking around the city and checking out some cool spots. It was kind of dead though, it being summer break I guess. We did find one of Tyler's frat buddies while we were walking and he invited us to a party he was having at his apartment that night. Overall it was a great party. There were plenty of hot girls there. One accidentally spilled her drink all over me though. We decided to head out around 12:30 once the crowd started to die down. By this point we were worn out so we headed back to his dorm.

Now since most people were gone for the summer, Tyler got a better dorm that had a bathroom attached to the dorm so you didn't have to use the common bathroom down the hall. When we got back he got me a towel and let me use his shower to wash off the drink the girl spilled on me. The combination of warm water, and all the hot girls at the party was making me kind of horny, but I didn't want to rub one out in his shower.

I finished my shower but forgot to bring in clean clothes so I just walked out of the bathroom in my towel. The sight I saw when I walked out shocked me. We've stayed over at each others' houses plenty of times, but we were very modest and always slept in shorts and a shirt. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Tyler had completely striped off his shirt and jeans and was just sitting on his bed watching TV in his checkered American Eagle boxers. Even thought the light was low I could still make out his abs. This was the first time that I got turned on from seeing my friend like this.

Normally I just sleep in basketball shorts at night but I was feeling kind of adventurous tonight so I just put on some boxers and took the towel off. It was still fairly early, for college people at least, so we played video games for an hour or so. The entire time I was trying to get a glance at his dick through his boxers, and I could have sworn I saw him do the same thing to me. At 2:30 we got tired of video games so Tyler suggested we watch some porn that usually comes on around that time. I was still horny from earlier so I was all for it. There was a great movie of these two guys banging these two hot girls. As the movie progressed I started rubbing my dick through my boxers, hoping Tyler would notice. Sure enough, I saw Tyler rubbing his dick through his boxers, but he was looking at me as much as the movie. After an awkward silence I just stood up, pulled down my boxers and started jacking off. Tyler followed me and did the same. At this point we were jacking really fast, but not to the movie, to each other. Tyler was jacking with one hand while the other was rubbing his abs and chest. We kept moving closer to one another, and before I knew it, we started making out. We were both very timid, but we both started to rub each others bodies, until we made our way to each others dicks. We stopped kissing and started jacking each other. It was one of the best feelings I've ever had. My old girlfriend used to jack me off sometimes, but Tyler knew what he was doing. We both moved to his bed so it would be more comfortable. Tyler started telling me how he has always wanted to fool around with me, and I told him the same. I started to massage his balls and he started to gasp and moan. Hearing him moan almost sent me over the edge, but Tyler got there first. He started cumming all over my hands, chest, and some on his abs. Then he said it was my turn. He started to jack me like a wild man. I couldn't hold it any longer so I started cumming on his abs and a little on his face.

He grabbed his boxers and wiped us off. We were both sweaty and exhausted so we fell asleep in his bed. We woke up the next morning and agreed to keep this between us. We also decided that we weren't gay, just having some fun. And we did have fun, every night that I was there. We started experimenting with other stuff, but that's not for this site. I can't wait to visit him again.



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