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First Mutual at College

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I have been an avid reader for years, but this is my first post. Enjoy!


It was the second week of college and I still had yet to see any real sexual action. It was frustrating to say the least. Then, I met J. She was short and fair-skinned with curly brown hair. She had a full, athletic figure with a flat stomach, curvy hips, and tight ass. I flirted with her for the better part of a week and she was reciprocating. So one night I invited her over to my place to watch a movie.

We sat next to each other rather awkwardly for the duration of the film. Nothing sexual, just a little 'accidental' rubbing here and there. After the movie ended, we sat in silence for a minute or two. Suddenly, J blurted out 'You are so hot. I want you right now.' She leaned over and pinned me to the bed, seductively slipping her tongue into my mouth. We got into it pretty quickly, grinding fiercely against each other as our tongues danced together. Stopping for a moment, she ripped my shirt off to expose my muscular back and chest. 'Fair is fair' I chuckled, ravenously removing her top to expose a beautiful pair of firm, bouncy C-cup breasts with small dark aereola and pink erect nipples. I reached down and began to fondle her breasts, slowly at first. Our mouths were still locked in steamy embrace and our hips thrust towards each other. Slipping away for a moment, I took hold of her pert nipple with my mouth, softly sucking and rolling it around until she moaned and groaned in pleasure.

J. slipped her hand in between us and found my dick, rock hard and straining to break the zipper on my pants. She deftly unzipped my fly and slid off my pants as I continued to lick and suck her gorgeous breasts. My six inch dick sprang free from its cloth prison, dots of precum already staining my boxers. Sliding down her sweat slick body, I removed her filmy sarong to expose an exquisite pair of lace panties. They were moist and fragrant with her juices and my hand readily slipped beneath them and toward her pussy. Sliding my finger along her plump lips, she gasped and arched her back as I delicately brushed her sensitive clit. I slowly rubbed her clit and sucked her firm nipples, both straining for more attention. By now she was gasping and grunting almost uncontrollably. She began thrusting her hips towards my hand and breathily whispered 'I am so close to cumming. Keep going. Please.'

But, not wanting to end our encounter so quickly, I removed my finger from her now engorged clit and thrust my fingers into her pussy, tenderly stroking her innner and outer lips and curving my finger into her G-Spot, feeling her steamy juices run down my finger and onto the sheets. She shuddered, surprised by this change, frustrated for I didn't let her orgasm. Finding her mouth with mine, I kissed her deeply and whispered 'Not yet. I want you to scream when it happens'. All this time, J had been greedily stroking my cock and fondling my cum-filled balls inside of my boxers, nearly bring me to orgasm more than once. Feeling the tension in her slippery pussy growing, I gently adjusted my hand, pinched her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and matched the stroking rhythm she was using on my straining cock. Suddenly, J. went nearly silent. Her breathing became frantic and heavy and her hips were thrusting up uncontrollably. Her back arched and flexed under me, writhing in the throes of near orgasm. Finally, she threw her head back and let out a small, guttural scream of pure pleasure. Her pussy clenched violently under my hand and she thrashed about, grinding into my hand.

Gradually, J calmed down, her pussy still flexing gently, eliciting whimpers of pleasure with each movement. I withdrew my now drenched hand from her quivering pussy and began to stroke her sensitive breasts again, gently pinching her hard nipples. Still gasping quietly, J. grabbed my dick, which had lain forgotten during her orgasmic episode, and began to pump it furiously, my tender, low hanging balls rhythmically slapping her hand. She whispered 'I want you to cum for me, all over my hand.' She didn't have to wait long. Suddenly I felt the contractions begin deep inside of me. My cock seemed to expand under the pressure of two weeks worth of semen. I began to thrust my hips, fucking her hand for all it was worth, feeling my full balls swing back and forth.

I clenched my teeth and in between gasping breaths, breathed 'I am gonna cum so hard right NOW!!!' At those words, I felt a hot jolt of unmistakable pleasure run up my shaft. Precum was oozing from the purple tip of my circumsized cock, lubricating J's stroking. Another jolt of white hot pleasure and I was over the edge. I inhaled sharply, a bomb exploding across my vision and my body tensing like never before. I grunted loudly, feeling my engorged nuts pump hot, steamy cum out of my cock. I felt it gushing into my shorts like a fire hose, a never ending river of pleasure boiling out of me. The cum just kept flowing, six, seven, eight contractions of creamy white ropes erupting from my steely penis, coating her hand. Dizzy with delight, I slumped back onto J., my boxers soaked through with gobs of sweet cum. Hyper sensitized, I involuntarily gasped each time my cock brushed against her hot, slippery hand. Sliding out of my boxers, J. stroked a pearl of milky cum onto my chest, then seductively licked it off. Our bodies exhausted from sheer sexual exertion, we soon drifted off into a blissful, post-orgasmic sleep.



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