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First Mutual: A Guy Takes Charge of Me

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Hottest thing that's ever happened to me.


I've done a good amount of same-sex fantasizing over the past few years, mainly about exchanging oral. I didn't plan on anything coming of it. This all came crashing down around me last year, after leaving a bar with an acquaintance.
We had known each other for a few months. Several of our friends were mutual, and we had been to a few of the same parties. Someone you knew well enough to hang out with, but not much beyond that. This was a late-summer party we were both attending; it was extremely late and everyone was dispersing. My acquaintance said to me, 'Wanna come back to my place and chill a little?' This sounded good to me, and nothing else even crossed my mind.
We got back to his little house and talked on his back porch. He wandered inside, leaving me alone with the crickets. About ten minutes later I heard the t.v. come on, and the sounds were easily discernible as porno. I felt awkward, not really knowing what to do. Finally, I walked inside, to his small den. He was on the couch watching a couple of hot little Asian chicks go at it. I sat down at the far side of the sofa.
'What do you think of Asians?' he said, turning the volume up a little. I told him I liked them fine, which was true. The girls were performing some great oral scenes, and I was getting hard. This, too, made me feel strange and a little scared.
He could tell, too, and apparently this was all part of his scheme.
'You getting a little turned-on, man?' he asked me, a little smile on his face. I wasn't expecting that question and I stammered something back about liking the chicks fine.
I was flushed, embarrassed and turned-on as hell.
'Look, man, it's cool.' he said in a lower voice. 'I really need to get off, and if you want to do it with me, that'd be cool, alright?' He moved over right next to me on the sofa and started unzipping his pants. I couldn't believe this guy's boldness; the whole thing was surreal. But I knew my dick was about to explode, too. I couldn't control the desire and excitement rising in me.
As if dreaming, I saw my hands unzipping myself, loosening my pants and, as he did, wriggling out of them, leaving us both naked from the waist down, still sitting on the sofa. Two erections stood straight up, mine was moving with my heartbeat.
'Fuck,' he said, grabbing his own cock (about eight inches) and squeezing it, hard. He was staring at my dick. I took hold of it and ran some slow strokes up and down it. Seriously, it felt so good I nearly whimpered.
The porno ran on in the background as he made his move. 'Yeah, here we go,' he said, and then he was standing between my legs, spreading them out with his kneecaps. 'Move here,' he said, pulling me by my shirtfront to the arm of the couch, putting my back up against it.
'Just stay there,' he muttered. There was no doubt he was really calling these shots, putting me in my place as it were. I went along with it.
Then there we were. He was on the couch now; on his knees, in between my legs, which were spread wide open as I squeezed and pulled on my cock.
'God, yeah,' I croaked as I jacked. My head was all oozing lube, and I coated my cock with it. He was stroking heavily, and he was good at it. As we both panted and did ourselves, he guided his dick head lower, lower, until it was even with the bottom of my sack, and about an inch away...then he burrowed it underneath my nuts and slowly dragged it up, rubbing at first on my sack, then up to the base of my cock.
Good Jesus, as I beat off and watched him in disbelief, this guy was now sliding the tip of his head all over the bottom of my shaft. I moved my hand up to the head of my cock and wrang it like a towel, and he jumped on that open space. Now, as I wrang my slick head, he ran that hot cockhead of his all the way up the front of my shaft, from the base, up to the the bottom of my hand. I opened up my hand enough to let the heads of our cocks touch...this was better than any pussy I'd ever experienced. Suddenly he threw me back flat and was on top, holding my shoulders down as he rubbed his hairy balls and slick cock all over mine. I ground back, and this sent him into a frenzy. Our cocks were pressed together, our nuts hot against each other's. We both were feverishly grinding, our hot cocks ready now to cum.
I couldn't believe what was happening, nor was I about to stop it. Just as I was wondering how/when we would climax, he answered both questions. 'Fuck!' he screamed, as he pulled up off of me and began seriously jacking off again. Again, his cock head was aimed right at my nuts; I knew he'd empty his load there unless asked otherwise. 'Wait, man,' I whispered as I too continued my jack. 'I want you to cum on my dick.'
'Yeah, I'll come on your dick,' he snarled at me. He lifted up now and hovered directly over my cock. 'Here's some,' he grunted. A shot of hot, thick, wet cum suddenly shot out onto my dick's head, and was quickly rubbed all over my shaft. That's what turned the corner for me; I could feel my stuff boiling and shooting up.
'Yeah, yeah, he panted,' and he began emptying on my cock...the shots were now hitting about the middle and bottom of my shaft and my nuts, which was everything I could have hoped for. My cock was covered in his heavy cum, I beat it with a frenzy, watching the drops of his manhood fly of.
And my finish: I started to buck as I shot my own load, nearly out of my mind with what had just happened. I still had the presence of mind to finish this thing as intensely as it had begun, though; with my left hand I reached out, took his dick and pulled him near, right between my legs. As I came, I kept raising my ass up so our balls touched, and he obliged me with another grinding of our nuts to gether, as my own load ended up soaking his sack and lower stomach.
Not much was said after that; I slunk out as he was cleaning up in the bathroom. And to this day this experience has turned my sexual life up to full flame; every girl I am with makes mention of the frenzy I go into. Something happened that night; I just went for something I'd always wanted to and it was better than I could have hoped for.



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