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First Masturbation Memories

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First Masturbation Memories
I have been masturbating since I was twelve. The first time I masturbated was in the bed. It occured a few months after I experienced a couple of wet dreams. It happened after being aroused during the day at school. During the night I thought about what had happened which made me get an erection. I found that by rubbing my penis it was extremely pleasurable. And by reflecting on it, it was probably the most pleasurable orgasm I have ever had.
After that experience, I felt guilty as at school it was known that it was bad to masturbate. The next time I masturbated, it was approxiamately month after the first time. It was summer which meant I had only a sheet on the bed. I had an erection and I found that rubbing the sheet back and forwards was quite pleasurable as it concentrated on the head of the penis. It was only a couple of months that I felt the need to masturbate. I started to use my right hand though it got a bit tired. Then I thought that if I lie on my stomach and rub my penis on the bed that it would be plesurable and also was less tiring. Of course I discovered this to be correct and since that day, it has been my favourate position.
There have been some memorable masturbating experiences. When I was 14, one of my subject teachers was exteremly attractive. At the local pool one day, I saw her in a two piece bikini lying on her back sunbathing with one leg straight and one with her knee bent. It was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. I heeded toward the showers when I saw her getting up and she started to head toward me. I had speedos on and I could feel my penis getting larger. I hassened toward the showers hoping that she did not notice. That night I masturbated in the bathroom before and after getting in the shower. This was the first time I did it in the bathroom.
Another memorable masturabting moment also includes a bikini. I was sixteen at the time when I saw one of my next door neighbours. She was off at uni at the time which meant I did not get to see very much, let alone in a bikini. I saw her walk off in the back yard to sunbathe from a distance. I left the home briefly and when I came home, she was walking into the front yard to shift a sprinkler. I checked the letterbox for mail (it was a Saturday which meant there was none anyway) just hoping to get a closer look at her. It succeded and I am still able to picture her arse with her bikini bottom moving in rythym with her walk. From the front she was not bad either though her arse set me off. That night before I went to sleep I masturbated in bed picturing every move she made. During the night I awoke and I thought about what I saw that day which brought me an instant erection. As any respectful masturabter would do, I jerked off again, two in one night.
The time I started to masturabte regularly was when I discovered one of Mum's magazines. It was a weekly magazine on just womens stuff (gossip etc) but it also had advice columns on beauty and love making. The stories I found quite arousing and when nobody was around, I use to get a towel and a face washer and place on the bed with the face washer on top. I then use to masturbate in my favourite position. Once I had orgasmed, I use to wash the face washer in the bathroom.
I am glad that you have a web site on this topic as I have found it quite educational. It has also gave me an outlet of my experiences. --Anon.



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