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First Massage Parlour Visit

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First of many visits


About ten years ago, while travelling for business, I had been on my feet for days and decided to get a massage. In the area where my hotel was there were many massage parlours, and some of them looked pretty slezy, while others looked quite professional. Where I come from there are no massage parlours, so this was all new to me, so I picked one of the more professional looking places.

When I walked in I was greeted by a very professional looking Asian lady, probably in her 30's, I indicated I would like a massage, and ended up paying for a 90 minute session. She brought me into a back room, indicated that I could have a shower and then to wait on the table for my attendant to show up. I showered, got on the table and put my towel over my bottom. A few minutes later my attendant comes in, she was a young Asian lady, probablt around 20, and was drop dead gorgeous. We introduce each ourselves, and she says hers name is Liane. Anyhow she tells me to get comfortable, and it is on to the massage.

She starts with my shoulders and back, and uses a real nice light touch, slowly working her way down my back. As she leans over me, her long hair lightly touches my back also. she goes down my back to the top of my bum, and then starts on my legs. She starts at my feet working her way up my legs, and as she starts to move up my legs, I start to feel a twitch in my cock. Having this gorgeous Asian lady running hers hands up my legs is giving me a hardon. Each trip up my legs brings her fingers closer and closer to my balls and cock. She removes the towel, and proceeds to give my bum a rub down, and then she lets her fingers travel down the crack of my ass, all the way to my balls. By now I am arching my ass up to meet her touch, and my cock is rock hard.

She spends quite a bit of time teasing and pleasing my ass, and balls from behind. She now tells me it is time to turn over, and then askes me if I want anything extra. Never having been to a parlour before I ask what she means, and she goes through the menu, so much for topless, so much nude, so much nude reverse, and then nude bodyslide. I pick the full meal deal, and have the bodyslide.

She gets undressed, and reveals the most beautiful body I have ever seen. Beautiful perky tits, and tight ass, and shaved pussy. She tell me to get off the table and gets on herself and tells me its my turn to massage her. What heaven, rubbing my hands all over hers body. Soon though it is time to concentrate on her pussy. I slowly rub my fingers over her clit, and can feel it hardening under my fingers. I spend quite a bit of time rubbing her clit, and then slowly move my fingers down her already wet slit. As my finger moves down her slit she pushes up to meet it, and my finger slides into her pussy. As I work her pussy she reaches over and starts to pump my cock.

After about 15 minutres of this she tells me it is time for the real show to begin and gets me back on the table. When I am on the table she straddles my face with her knees, and I am looking into her dripping wet pussy. It is just inches from my face. I reach up and sink a couple of fingers into her cunt. She applies a bunch of oil to my body and hers, and now she starts to massage my body with hers, slowly moving up and down my body. She allows her tits to massage my cock, rubbing up and down my shaft, while massaging my balls. At the same time she is humping my fingers. I feel like I have died and gone to heaven. I want this to go on for ever, but looking up at the most beautiful cunt in the world with my fingers in it, and feeling her tits massage my cock, it sending me over the edge. After about 10 minutes, I feel my balls contracting and know I am about to cum. I shot my cum all over her tits and belly, and at the same time I feel her cunt contract around my fingers, and I think she has had an orgasm also. We laid like this for a few minutes, and soon realized my 90 minutes were almost up.

It was time for another shower, which she joined me in. We cleaned each other up, and then it was time to leave. In the 10 years since my first visit here, I have now returned many times. I travel often and have been back to this massage parlour numorous times, always hoping that Liane will be there, but I have never seen her again. It was my first massage but probably the most enjoyable.



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