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First Massage

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My first massage. An erotic massage and it was great!


I've had and given myself handjobs before but never experienced this much pleasure from one. My late wife used to stroke me occasionally but I don't ever remember her stroking me to completion. I've also had other women stroke my dick but again just as part of foreplay. Never just for the purpose of making me cum.

About a week ago I answered a personals ad for massages in the Casual Encounters section of a popular list site. Because of it being in the Casual Encounters section I was pretty sure it would be of an erotic nature. I contacted the woman that had placed the ad and she emailed me her rates and I requested a picture. She sent me one and while not gorgeous she looked a little plump but reasonably attractive. I emailed her back and asked if she could do a half hour 'massage' Tuesday of this week. She said yes and to call her tuesday morning to verify and I said I would. She responded back that it sounded good, told me the price and said I'd leave with a smile. She was right, I did.

Tuesday morning at the prearranged time I called and told her what time I would be coming to her place and she said she'd be waiting. I grabbed a shower and shaved and got ready to go. She lives in an apartment on the far side of town so it took me around 40 minutes to get there. I parked in front of her unit and knocked on the door. She opened the door rather quickly and told me to come on in. As I came in I noticed she was indeed a little on the plump side but not hugely fat. She was wearing a snug pair of jeans and a low cut top which revealed a lot of cleavage. Her breasts were of course encased in a bra but appeared reasonably firm and nice sized. Probably about a 40D. She led me to a room on the lower level of her townhouse and told be to go ahead and get undressed while she spread a clean sheet on the bed. I stripped down to my boxer shorts and went over and lay down on my back on the bed. She asked if I wanted the massage on my front side or my back. I told her my front knowing she would be close to my dick. She grabbed a bottle of lotion and began massaging my shoulders and chest. She seemed to pay a lot of attention to my nipples and that was pleasant causing my dick to begin to engorge. As she moved down my abdomen she asked if she could remove my boxers. Of course I said yes and lifted my butt so she could ease them down and off.

She applied more lotion to her hands and began massaging my lower abdomen occasionally brushing up against my hardening dick. Finally she asked if she could touch it and I didn't hesitate to say yes. She poured some more lotion on her hands and began rubbing it around my dick and balls. Oh that felt wonderful! She hadn't actually grasped my dick yet, just sort of rubbing the lotion all over it and my balls. Then she took my dick in her right hand and stroked it a couple of times. I'm uncut and eventually she pulled the foreskin back to expose the glans and rubbed lotion all over the head of my dick. That felt so good I was in heaven. Then she began stroking my dick lightly with her right hand and using just the tips of the fingers of her left hand around the rim of the glans and part way down the shaft. No one had ever done that before and it felt so good that my dick got as hard as it had ever been. She then lotioned up her hands again and began to massage my feet and legs, brushing up against my balls as she moved up my thighs.

When she finished my legs she moved to the side and lotioned up her hands again and returned to massaging and stroking my dick. By this time I was so worked up I let my left hand wander to her jeans encased ass. Getting no objetion I moved my hand all over her ass and eventually up to her breasts. Again no objection and she the asked ' would you like me to take my boobies out?' I said yes and she pulled her arms out of her top and bra straps and rolled her top and bra down to her waist exposing her breasts. They were indeed about 40D and had thick light brown nipples with smallish aureoles. I ran my hands over them and pinched and rolled her right nipple between my thumb and index finger. All this time she continued to stroke and tease my dick with her hands and I could feel myself getting close to cumming. Finally I lifted my hips up off the bed and came. At my age I don't ejaculate as hard as I did when I was young but the feeling is just as good. I came all over her hands and it seemed like I would never stop cumming. I finally did though and she grabbed some tissues and cleaned up my dick and her hands. After a short recovery I dressed and told her how much I enjoyed her efforts and she said come back anytime. I definately plan to and maybe next time schedule an hour session and have her do front and back. After the pleasure I had just getting the frontal massage, I began wondering what additional pleasures might come if she does the front AND the back. Hmmmmmm.



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