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First Massage

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Honest to god truth


I recently saw an add in my local paper for a massage spa. I have never had one before so I did not really know what to expect. I had no real concept.

I called the location first to see if they were open and if I needed an appointment. The woman who answered the phone spoke English well enough but with a heavy Asian accent. She said to come in any time and told me all the prices.

I was very excited as I am an avid weightlifter and push my body to the limit six days a week. So I was feeling a bit sore and hoped this would loosen me up.

I arrived at the location. It was in a big office park. With a small sign, very discrete and off the beaten path. This probably should have been my first sign of what was to come. I thought nothing of it at the time and parked my car and walked to the door. Upon ringing the doorbell a 50 ish looking Asian woman answered the door. For her age she was surprisingly fit. I was welcomed in very graciously and led down a hall to. Private room. It was a very nice facility an old office that looked to have been converted into a spa. All the furniture was brand new and high quality. Once in my designated room the woman asked if I would like the full hour or an half hour. As it had been a long week I opted for the full hour. I was a bit nervous and I think the woman could tell. She asked if it was my first time. She said to relax and just enjoy myself. She the. Asked if I'd like a shower. I said sure. I was told to undress and my masseuse would be along shortly.

At this point I was so nervous my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest. I undressed and wrapped a towel around my waste and sat on the massage table. A minute or so latter a beautiful Asian woman stepped into my room wearing a cute green sun dress. She asked if this was my first time as well. I guess it really showed in my face. I nodded yes and she said not to worry. She said let's go to the shower. She led me to. Room with a shower head and a massage table. She instructed me to remove my towel and lay face down. I asked if this was the massage. She laughed and said no this shower. I said ok and laid face down. She turned on the hot water and began to wash my back. It was so fantastic to have her hands soap me up. She started with my shoulders and back. When she got to my butt she wasted no time in soaping up my ass crack. The slipperiness of her hands and soap felt exquisite and I began to get turned on. My cock had begun to engorge. I was on cloud nine. Then she moved to my legs starting with the calves then my thighs. Her hands all soapy slid right up my thighs to my hardening cock and balls. She said nothing as she soaped my balls and wrapped her hand around my cock ensuring it was well soaped as well. she then proceeded to rinse of my back with nice hot water. I was so relaxed at this point I forgot about my erection when she asked me to flip over. I did not hesitate and slid onto my back. My hard cock pointing straight in the air.

She said nothing and began to soap my chest and Abbs working her way to my hips and pelvis. She asked if everything was ok. I could only respond with absolutely. She smiled and soap the region above and around my dick without touching it. Next she moved to my legs soaping them up shin up to thigh. Her hands on my quads only excited me more as her hands slipped between my legs up to my balls. She soaped up my balls and cock in one fluid motion. It was a fantastic feeling and I let her know how great it felt. She said she was glad I was happy in broken English and said I had a great body and must work hard. I said thank you as she rinsed me off. She then had me stand up and she towelled me dry. I felt completely pampered and uninhibited. I wrapped the towel around my waist and she took me back to my room. She prepared the table and handed me a new towel. I was instructed to lay face down. As I got on the table she dimmed the lights and turned on a music player with some soft jazz or spa tunes I guess. I did not know how relaxed I could be.

I was face down and she began to work my back and arms. It was amazing I almost fell asleep as she worked. She was standing next to me and my hand brushed her ass. I immediately apologized. She said not to worry. She then straddled me ass she worked my lower back. She had her knees on either side of my hips and let her feet drift to between my hamstrings. As she worked my lower back she used her feet to caress my balls. A totally new but wonderful feeling. She used more lotion on my back and worked out several knots. Then she got up and moved to my ass. She asked if it was ok I said sure. She massaged my glutes and slid her fingers through my crack gently touching my asshole. I admit I have done some ass play and it felt fantastic. She then covered me back up and moved to my legs. She expertly worked on my calves up to my thighs and once again caressed my balls. At this point I was rock hard and I'm sure she could see my hard cock pointing toward my feet between my spread legs as I lay on the table. She gently let her fingers brush against my cock and balls as she worked my this up to my ass. I was so aroused I began raising my ass an hips up from the table every time she touched my cock and balls or ass.

I was then instructed to turn over. I apologized for my erection and she said it was fine, nice even. The tent I produced remained as she massaged my chest and abs. At this point my hand had drifted to her ass and thighs. I apologized saying I could not help myself. She said it was ok and kept on with her work. She worked all way down to the base of my cock and then stopped and began on my legs. She again expertly worked her way up to my quads and would brush her fingers against my balls as she worked on my legs. By this point the towel was only covering my cock. I had begun to let my hands wander as she did not seem to mind. I slid my hand up her leg, under her dress to her ass. I was delighted to feel that she had on the tiniest of thongs. At this point she began to run just her fingers over my entire body. Every time her fingernails brushes my balls or base of my cock I rose my hips without thinking. I was so horny at the time. I squeezed her ass and slip my between her thighs feeling the warmth of her pussy. As I caressed her she stopped touching me, I froze thinking I was in trouble. I could not have been more wrong. With one movement she pulled her sun dress off revealing the perky tits and tight body. She was extremely fit and could not have been more then 30. I was so horny I did not waste any time. I began sliding my hand up her torso to her breasts asking if it was ok. She said yes as I began to fondle her fantastic breasts. She was still teasing my balls and body with her fingertips. I could not take it anymore. I pulled the towel off with my spare hand exposing my raging hard dick. I am only 7 inches, not as big as some other people on here.

She began to tease my cock as well with her fingertips. She stopped, grabbed some lotion and began to slide her hands all over my cock. I was so hard and she felt so good. She did not hesitate and with her slippery hands moved from my cock to my balls. It felt so good. I arched my hips a few times. When I did a second or third time she slid her slippery fingers under my balls and massaged right behind them. With no asking she slid her finger to my ass and teased my asshole. It felt so good I did not want it to stop. She was stroking my cock and began to work a finger into my ass. It was glorious. Without asking I slipped her thong off and began playing with her clit. She had a perfectly shaved pussy that I would have ravaged had she let me. I began to slide a finger into her as she began to finger my ass. It was not going to be much longer before I came and I told her. She said to just enjoy and take it all in. I laid my head back as she got more lotion on her hands and slipped her finger deep into my ass. She hit my prostate and as if it were possible I felt even harder. She kept expertly stroking my cock. I could feel the massive load building as my ballsack began to tighten. I moaned aloud as cum spewed out of dick. It was all over my chest and the table. She smiled and continued to pump her fingers in an out of my ass as she milked every last drop out of me. She cleaned me up as I lay on my back in a daze.

I got dressed as did she and thanked her many times. I don't know if the tip was expected but I tipped her well saying thank you and that I would be back again. She smiled and said thank you and led me out the door with a nice squeeze of my ass.

I cannot wait to go back as this was not at all the experience I expected but none the less amazing. Off the beaten path spas are ok in my book.



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