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First Massage

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Last Thursday, I was really having a stressful day at work. I was worn out and exhausted from long hours of tedious work. So I treated myself to dinner at a nice restaurant on the way home. On my walk to the restaurant, I picked up a copy of the local newspaper to read as I ate. During the meal, I read all the news, then, for some reason, I just started reading the classified ads. That's where I saw an ad for massages at a local spa. I am only 20 and I had never had a professional massage before and I thought that would be a nice treat and a perfect end to a stressful day. After dinner, I called to find out more. They said half=hour massages were $40 and one-hour masasages were $65. I told them I would like an hour-long massage and asked when they could take me. They said I could come over right now and they would be ready. I arrived, paid the fee the to woman at the front desk and she escorted me to a comfortable room with a massage and a separate shower room and changng area. She said to undress, take a shower and lie on the massage table...the masseur would be in momentarily...and she left the room and closed the door. I undressed, took a hot showerand returned to lie on the soft massage table with the towel draped acrosss my ass with my face staring at the floor through the small hole in the massage table and started to relax. I was really exhausted.

A few minutes later, an older man about 40 came in, introduced himself, turned on some soft music and dimmed the lights as he poured warm massage oils across my shoulders and slowly began to massage my neck, shoulders and arms. His hands were soft and smooth and I immediately started to doze off. It felt so good! We didn't say a word as he went on to slowly massage my back and sides. Then he skipped over the towel and went on to massage my thighs, legs, feet and toes in a slow methodical manner. He then worked his way back up my legs until his warm oily hands were massaging high up on my thighs, gently rubbing against my dangling scrotum as he continued to massage my inner thighs.

He then removed the towel from my mid-section and poured warm oil across my buttocks and began to massage my soft, smooth ass cheeks in slow circular motions. His motions became firmer as he eventually spread my ass cheeks wide apart and I could feel the cool air on my tiny dimpled asshole. He had spread my asscheeks wide apart now as he them poured a stream of warm oil down the entire length of my ass crack from my tailbone to my scrotum, then negan massging the valley of my ass crack from top to bottom, paying particular attention to my little pink asshole. That got my attention and I was now wide awake with my face still in the face-hole of the massage table staring at the floor. He used his middle finger to gently caress and massage my litte wrinkled asshole, which mademy asshole expand and contract in response to his gentle fingering. That not only made me nervous (because no one had ever played with my asshole before) but it made my penis start to get erect under my tummy. I didn't expect that...and I just laid there without saying a word. What could I say? I figured this was just part of his professional massage technique. But I was embarassed that I was getting an erection. I tried to think of ordinary things like baseball and the weather and work to keep my mind off the erotic sensations that his finger massage of my anus was creating...to no avail. I could feel my asshole starting to relax and open as he continued to use his oily finger back there.

Then after a few minutes, he started to slowly slide his long slippery middle finger deep up inside my asshole! He slid the entire length of his finger deep up inside my rectum and began to rotate his finger against the pliable walls of my rectum as he slid his finger in and out, in and out, in and out of my sensitive little asshole. I could tell that he was now slowly massaging my sensitive prostate gland deep up inside...which made both my asshole and my erect raging hard on expand and contract in response to his fingering! I couldn't help it. It felt so good, so erotic! No one had ever fingered me before! Then, after several minutes of this anal massage, he slowly pulled his finger out of my asshole and asked me to turn over now so that he could do my front. I was really nervous and embarrassed now! If I turned over, he could see the front of my naked male body with my raging hard on sticking straight up to my belly button wih crystal-clear pre-cum bubbling out of my circumcised cock head! Maybe that would embarrass him...or worse yet, maybe he would make fun of my hard on. But what else could I do? I had no choice.

So, without a word, I rolled over on my back on the massage table and my 6' erect penis was pointing straight up to my belly button, throbbing and dripping pre cum all over my belly! Thankfully, he didn't say a word as he just stared at my rigid cock right there in front of him as he went on to pour warm oil across my chest and began to slowly massage the front of my neck, shoulders and arms, all the whole staring at my throbbing et hard on! He went on to massage my stomach and sides. As he massaged lower on my stomach, his hands bumped into the big circumcised mushroom head of my penis, causing it to throb and jerk and drip even more pre cum onto my tummy. He then skipped over my crotch and went on to massage my thighs, legs, feet and toes, all the while my penis continued to jerk and throb and dribble pre cum onto my tummy. He then slowly worked his way back up my legs and thighs until his hands were again gently bumping into my dangling ball bag. Then he slowly cupped my scrotum in his oily hands and started to massage each testicle in turn! He massage my balls slowly and gently, which made my erect penis throb and jerk even more! It felt soooo good!

After several minutes of massaging my scrotum and balls, he then poured a stream of warm massage oil down the entire length of my erect penis, wrapped his fist around my shaft and started to slowly stroke my hard on up and down, up and down, up and down with one hand as his other hand continued to massage my balls! No one had ever done that to me before! It was so exciting...but I was so nervous. If he kept stroking my cock and balls like that, I would ejaculate my big load of fresh hot sperm all over his hands! I didn't know what to do! So I just laid there and let him continue. Then he took his hand off my balls and then again slowly slid his long middle finger deep up inside my rectum and started to again massage my ultra-sensitive prostate as he began to stroke my throbbing hard cock faster and harder as he continued to finger my asshole deep up inside! I was so excited at this point that I started to hump his fist as my ass started to hump up and down off the massage table!

I was past the point of no return now and started moaning softly as he continue to jack me off and while he fingered my asshole! I raised my ass entirely off the massage table as my throbbing cock in his stroking fist expanded and contracted and my asshole clamped down on his probing fuck-finger and my cock began ejaculating a series of about 5 or 6 long white hot ropey strands of my fresh fertile sperm all over my face, chest and stomach as he milked the last remaining drops of my cum from my satisfied cock as my erect penis began to relax and go limp in his oily fist. I fell back onto the massage table panting heavily as he simply used the towel to mop up the huge pools of warm cum that covered my naked body and his greasy hands. I had just experienced the most explosive orgasm I had ever had in my life...and I had had lots of orgasms before! This was the best! After he was through mopping up all my cum, he just said to relax for a while on the table, shower when I was ready and leave whenever I was through. Then he just left the room without saying anything else. I showered and dressed and left the room and walked sheepishly past the receptionist...hoping she didn't know that the masseur had just jacked me off! I still jack off now just thinking about that older guy who gave me the most explosive ejaculation I ever had in my life! Wow! I am jacking off now as I write this! I can't help it! mmmmmmmmmm I will be going back for other massages every week from now on!



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