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First Male Male Experience

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At my work, there is a girl that I have had a crush on for a while. From what I had heard she is kind of the freaky type, and it sounded like she was right up my alley.

One weekend she was having a party, and from what I saw the stories I heard were true. The way she was acting around everyone was downright slutty. The party went on and after a while, another guy and I were the only ones left. I didn't know who he was, so I guess he was a friend of hers. We sat around in the living room for a while with drinks and the idea of a threesome was thrown around. The two of us were rubbing and feeling her, but she said there was one condition first, and we both had to agree to it. We told her to go on, and she said that she loves seeing two guys together, and that we had to get each other off first. I got pretty nervous and asked if she was serious, and she was. The other guy seemed cool with it, so I said OK.

She stripped both of us naked and sat me down, playing with my cock to get me hard. When my erection was full the other guy came over and knelt in front of me. I had never done anything at all with another man before, but he knew what he was doing and his stroking felt fantastic. I sat there with my head back for a few minutes while he worked on my cock, and in no time the cum was squirting all over me and his hand. I licked my lips and looked over and her shirt and sandals were off, and her hand was down her jeans, rubbing herself. She was breathing hard and grunted out for us to switch. I stood up and we swapped places. I didn't notice it before, but he had a fantastic looking penis. Thick and smooth, it stared at me and his large balls bobbed up and down as he stroked to keep it hard. I grabbed it and he put his hands behind his head. It was weird, but I couldn't take my eyes off of the show I was making with his package. Pre-cum was leaking out, making squishing noises under my fingers. It seemed like he was taking a while, but my concentration was broken when I heard her start to moan. I looked over and her feet were kicked out, and her toes spread apart as she panted out that she was cumming. His hips started grinding and he told me to go faster, so I started pumping harder. I heard her slip off her jeans and she came down behind me, reached around and started fondling me, and I felt myself getting hard again. I guess that is what set him off, and his cum flew about a foot in the air before falling back onto his abs.

She stood me up and started kissing me, saying that show was incredible. He got up and went behind her and started kissing her neck, sandwiching her between us and covering her with our cum, front and back. She then led both of us upstairs, but that's a story not for this site.



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