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First Love-Best Love

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When I was a teenager I was in love with a guy who taught me pleasures beyond my wildest dreams. We were young and inexperienced in expressing sexual desires, but we learned together the pleasures of exploring, fondling, and masturbating each other.

I was very naive and thought my boyfriend was wise to the world. I know that he knew the right places to touch and massage, and he was an excellent kisser. I had never been kissed before and he knew the technique of French kissing, therefore, I thought that was the only way of kissing and when he touched my lips with his tongue then put his tongue in my mouth and touched my teeth and played with my tongue, and we put each others tongues down into our throats, I would tingle in the area of my vagina and what I later knew to be my clitoris.

We were both inexperienced in sexual acts, but we created a time to be together, alone, to explore each others' bodies. I loved to rub his private areas and knew that there was something going on within his undershorts. He fingered me and touched all the right places. He rubbed my clitoris, put his finger in my vagina, made me writhe with pleasure, and touched me just right, lovingly and passionately in all the right places. The kisses, the finger stimulation, the hotness that I felt all made my pants wet with delight. I am sure that I experienced orgasm several times, although I didn't know what an orgasm was at that time.

After a summer of afternoon delight we went on a school trip where we had the opportunity to be alone. One night, while out walking, he asked if I wanted to see his penis. I was nervous, but of course I wanted to see just what had been moving in his undershorts and just what I had fondled. It was so stiff and hard, and I had no experience of a male body. I held on, not knowing what I was probably doing to him, but he was kind, patient, and very loving. Later, I had a chance to 'go all the way' with him. I couldnt, I felt we would be caught and I was scared. Good girls didn't do that.

For many years after, I regretted that choice. Finally, thirty some years later, I answered a letter he wrote to my family. After three months of email and six months of email and phone calls, one thing led to another and we met. We have made love and let me tell you, nothing has been diminished by the years. NO memories have faded. We have had real sex, but because we live so far apart, lately we have had the opportunity to enjoy phone sex.

During phone sex, we mutually masturbate. He will tell me what he is doing. That he has his hand lubricated and is rubbing up and down his 'dick.' When the pre-cum shows, he captures it with his fingers and tastes these love juices. I lubricate and circle my finger around my clit until the natural juices begin to flow. Then I insert my middle finger into my vagina and try to imagine that he is fingering me. I isolate the clit so that it swells and gets very tender. When I touch it my vagina contracts and wants to cum. He continues to stroke himself and tells me what he is doing. I want to massage and lick his balls. I want to pump his dick with my hand and my vagina, but he is doing that so I continue to play with myself. I put my finger in my vagina and try to find my g-spot. I rub the inside until I am very edgy. Then I go back to my clit. I lick my fingers enjoying the warm musky smell. He tells me he is almost ready to cum. I ask him what he is doing. He is stroking. I am humping. He cums first and I hear him relieve himself with moans and cries of cumming. This heightens my ecstacy. Then he tells me that he wants to hear me cum. This is no problem. I writhe and press my finger into my vagina and massage my clit with my other hand's finger. I release my emotion, I sigh loudly and cry, and want to be with him all the more.

I know that our masturbation has evolved into the 21st century. I have enjoyed every moment we have shared. Don't give up on a first love. It might be the best.



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