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First Jism

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By age thirteen,I had already been masturbating for five years. I was also a relatively late bloomer. I remember after swimming lessons in Physical Education in eighth grade, looking around the locker room and seeing all sorts of hairy cocks and large balls, while my friend Jerry and I were the only two guys who were still bare as a baby's bottom. I couldn't understand how our friend Rusty had entered seventh grade with a man-sized member and hair on his chest and here I was in the middle of eighth grade with only a little bald pecker.

Almost every day I inspected my pubic area and under my arms for signs of hair, and just as I thought all was lost, that I would be some hairless freak of nature for the rest of my life, I got my first hair. It was a small, straight, dark-brown one, just above my shaft. I was thrilled, but had no one to tell. In the next two months, the last two of the school year, a few more hairs appeared, as did several more under my arms. My penis started to grow noticably, but my almost daily jack-off sessions were as dry as always.

Summer began, and I slept over at my friend, John's house one night. We were reading his brother's porn mags and I was getting pretty turned on. After we turned out the lights, I slowly, silently started to rub my prick. I was very excited, and my orgasm came quickly, and more intense than I had ever remembered it, and just as the first spasm started, I felt like something was coming out of my pee hole. I felt there, but alas, it was dry as usual.

A week later, our family left for a cross country family road trip. My eleven-year-old sister, who had recently developed cute breasts, and my six-year-old brother and I were joined by a fourteen-year-old cousin we picked up along the way. Pleasing myself was difficult, as we were all sleeping in a two-room tent, kids in one room, adults in the other.

About week into the trip, I woke up with a raging hard-on in the middle of the night. It had been more than a week since my previous orgasm (a record that probably stands to this day), but what was I to do? My sister was to my right, my cousin to my left, and my brother at my feet. I couldn't fall asleep, and my hard-on was pulsing in my underpants, so I decided to risk it. Slowly, I reached my right hand into my sleeping bag and started to rub the underside of my cap with two fingers, over my briefs, barely moving my hand at all, trying to remain completely silent.

My ferocious erection pulsed every few seconds, and my head felt light. I couldn't rub too fast, but very soon, I felt the familiar feelings in my groin and in my head. Slowly, two warm waves washed over my body. I stiffened up, my breathing became heavy, and my toes curled. And then it happened. The most intense orgasm I had ever experienced hit me, my little prick spasmed, and I felt something come out of the hole. I couldn't believe it! Finally, it had happened! When the feeling subsided I reached my fingers into my underpants, and felt the tip of my penis. Sure enough, there it was, a little glob of thick, gooey semen, sitting on the end of my prick, soaking into my undies. I was ecstatic! I had nothing to clean the jism off with, so I just left it where it was, as it was so little. I lay there for a while, absorbing the reality that I was finally a man.



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