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First Gym Shower and Nude Swim Class

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As a child, I had been getting hard-ons for as long as I can remember, and had heard about 'jerking-off' at least as early as fifth grade, but at the beginning of eighth grade I had yet to have an orgasm. But that all changed after the first day of gym class...

My junior high school was very old and had no gymnasium, so in winter the boys would have gym class at the YMCA down the street. At eighth grade orientation we were told to purchase gym uniforms (maroon cotton gym shorts and grey tee shirts) and to either bring a towel or be prepared to rent one because we would be required to take showers after class. Something vague was also said about swimming. We had heard rumors the prior year about having to shower together, and I don't think many of us had ever done that so we were all anxious about it.

The first day of gym finally arrived. We changed into our uniforms, ran the requisite laps around the gym, did our push-ups, sit-ups, etc. Although it seemed early, the teacher then told us to 'go downstairs, take off all your clothes, and line up in front of the shower room.' So we retreated to the locker room, and nervously started to undress. I remember slowly taking off my sneakers, socks, and tee shirt, not wanting the first to be nude as I was very shy and had never been nude in fron of others. The teacher was yelling at us to 'hurry up,' so I then took off my gym shorts, leaving me clad only in briefs. I remember fiddling with my lock and refolding my towel to delay the moment some more. Soon, however, I first saw that Rob was nude, then Gordon and Alex. Like 2/3 of the others, Rob had not yet reached puberty (we were all between 12 and 14 at the time), and he had a small hairless penis and scrotum. Gordon and Alex on the other hand, had well-developed genitals surrounded by a lush growth of dark pubic hair. I knew my time had come, so I locked my thumbs in the waist of my briefs and pushed them down over my thighs, then to the floor, exposing for the first time my sex organs and thick pubic bush. I remember that first moment of nudity as one of the most liberating moments of my life!

So we lined up nude and the teacher opened the door to the shower room. It was a tiled room with about six showerheads on one wall. Because there were about 24 boys in this class, that meant about 4 boys each had to share a single shower head. There was a lot of inevitable body contact, and I can remember feeling my penis come in contact with other soapy bodies, and the soapy penis of someone else come into contact with my own. It's a miracle I didn't get a hard-on (that actually happened later in the year, but that's another story).

Next, the teacher, who remained clothed, went to the other end of the showers, and opened another door leading to the pool. He said we had 30 minutes for 'recreational swimming.' Someone said 'but we didn't bring swimsuits.' The teacher said 'The Y doesn't allow males to wear swimsuits you have to swim naked.' No one had ever heard of such a thing, but it kind of made sense. We had all seen each other nude by now, so why put clothes back on for a swim. So the rest of the class was spent swimming and hanging out nude on the pool deck and bleachers.

The days events must have put my body into sensory and sensual overload, as that night I had my first, and massive wet dream. I remember waking up with this wonderful feeling between my legs just before gobs of a white, warm, bleach-smelling fluid gushed out of my penis, flooding my pyjama bottoms. I cleaned up as best I could, and went back to sleep.

When I awoke, I had a raging hard-on. As I lay on my stomach, I had this strange sensation as I moved back and forth over the sheets. Instinctively, I started humping my mattress, not realizing that I was now engaging in my first deliberate act of masturbation. That good feeling intensified, so I pulled my penis out of my (now dried and crusty) pyjamas, so I could hump it directly against the smooth sheets. After humping some more, that wonderful feeling reappeared between my legs, and I soiled my sheets with another load of thick, hot semen as I reached my first self-induced orgasm!!

I have many other hot masturbation stories, and I will post them in the future!!



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