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First Girl I Liked

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We were both 12 at that time...


I was still learning how to deal with girls. And (let's call her T) T was the first girl I actually liked.

I was (I am) sort of... shy, and my friends kept saying I should talk to T about a possible flirting or something, as it was obvious she had a crush on me.

After a lot of friends of mine encouraging me, I went there and talked to her. I was nervous and didn't know exactly what to say, but everything ended up fine and we both kissed each other. She was nervous too.

My friends watched everything from some distance and noticed she really seemed to like me.

After this, my older friends started to joke and told I should try something else.

After innocent jokes like 'don't forget the condom' and stuff like that, two friends of mine went and talked to me in private.

They both encouraged me to touch her in certain parts of her body. They also told me it wasn't going to be easy to make her feel excited, as it was easy to notice she had never made anything sexual with someone else.

After some days I stayed meeting T (and we stayed kissing each other during these days), these friends kept encouraging me, and done something totally unexpected, that would let me totally embarrassed. One of them, the one who was 17, pulled down his underwear while having an erection and showed me what to do with my parts to tease her. I definitely thought that was the weirdest situation in my life. As I said, I was embarrassed.

But it worked. They had a plan to make me show her my penis, but I wouldn't know I would be showing it to her.

They brought me to a corner of the playground located in the condo and said they wouldn't be able to help me with T if I didn't put down my underwear, because they wanted to show me what to do. I innocently did what they said, as they kept taking out theirs so I wouldn't feel 'alone'.

That was the exact moment they ran away with my underwear and I got completely naked in a corner of the condo. I thought that was some kind of joke and kept waiting for them to come back. As I waited, T was told to meet me there, where I was.

Well, you already know what happened: she saw me naked.

My heartbeat was like a thousand beats per minute and I was red, and kinda frightened. For my surprise, her older girlfriends had encouraged her too, as a part of the plan both the older girls and boys had to make me and T do 'something'. She explained me what the girls said to her and also said 'what's the big deal? if they're encouraging us, it won't be bad'.

She did just what they said to her, kissed me, as I started to have an erection. My penis was something like 4 inches long, but she was very excited to see it hard like that. I touched her small tits for the first time, and they felt great.

I had my hands shaking, I was too nervous. But I calmed down when I noticed she was more nervous than me. When that happened, I put her against the wall and started to feel her ass with my right hand, as the left hand kept touching her right breast.

We kept doing that for some minutes, but I didn't have enough courage to take her shirt and bra off, I didn't know that else I could do to her.

So I had the idea of bringing her hand to my penis. She was nervous, and as soon as she touched it, I could feel her cold nervous hands, but they also felt very good. I said 'what do we do now?'. She answered she knew what to do: she said she was going to do just like in the movie her friends showed her.

And that's what she did. She stroked my penis and gave me a hand job. I couldn't hold that much pleasure, and we both went down on the floor. I laid down and she was on top of me, stroking my penis each time faster. I didn't know how to warn her I was having an orgasm, and I ended up cumming all over her hand.

She asked me 'are you ok? was it good?'. I said 'of course, it was the best thing that has ever happened to me'.

She was still excited, but I didn't know how to give her the same thing she gave to me. We stayed looking at each other for a while, thinking about the crazyness we've just done.

Me and T never had anything sexual after that. And it wouldn't have felt that good if I didn't really like her.

Unfortunately, she moved 2 months later...



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