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First Girl at College

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When I first went off to college, I was paired up with another freshman, a thin girl with blonde hair who was a local. I wasn't quite as thin but still had a decent figure, glasses and was from a smaller town further south. During the first week we were there we hardly saw each other with having orientations, buying books, finding our way around campus, that sort of thing. Things slowed down a little bit afterwards and by the second weekend our schedules were fairly free, so that was when we finally sat down to talk to each other.

We were both on my bed and she was sitting by my feet, and after a little bit she just came out and said, 'you know, if we're going to get to know each other, we really should be naked.' I got kind of a confused look on my face and asked her why, and she said that if you're naked, it's hard to keep things secret. I said I wasn't sure, but she said 'come on, trust me, by the end of the semester we'll almost be like sisters.' She then started pulling off her shirt and stood up to slide off her shorts, and I don't know what it was, but what she was saying made a lot of sense to me at the time. I got kind of a shy smile and started pulling off my clothes, stopping when I got to my panties like she was. She then hooked her thumbs under the waistband and said 'you ready?' I giggled and nodded, and we both pulled them off, looking at each other, bare from head to toe. I pulled my knees up to my chest and laughed, no girl had ever seen me naked before, but she seemed pretty comfortable with the situation. I felt a little awkward for the first few minutes, but what she said was true. Eventually I did start to loosen up about it and we were telling each other things that I never thought I could. I even told her that I hadn't ever had a real boyfriend, but did have sex with a couple of guys in my senior year.

We went back and forth for a bit longer when all of a sudden her hand went between her legs and she started rubbing herself. All I could say was 'um...are you...?' She said 'yeah, don't you?' 'Well, yeah...but...' She smiled and said 'you already told me some of your deep, dark secrets, why hide something like this?' She then spread her knees apart, tilted her head back and started openly rubbing herself. I started giggling again and said 'well, ok...', spread my knees apart and pressed my feet together and started rubbing myself, matching pace with her. For the next few minutes the room was pretty silent except for our heavy breathing and the occasional humming. I was well on my orgasm when I heard her say 'are you close?' 'Yeah...' 'Me too...' She won the race, her orgasm leaving her grunting and panting, she had rolled over onto her side looking right at me as I was rubbing myself as hard as I could, then fell onto her back as she caught her breath. I was close after, spreading out as my vagina pulsed and throbbed, my hand getting wet and my bare foot was pressing up against her side, but I couldn't help it.

When I finally relaxed she crawled up next to me and put her arm over my chest and all we could do was laugh again. This was for a few seconds, but then her hand started sliding down and eventually found my clit. All expression left my face when I realized what she was doing, but when I felt what was happening, I was in another world. She really knew what she was doing, and even though her hand was between my legs it didn't even dawn on me at the time that she might be a lesbian, but I didn't care. I. LOVED. IT. I just laid there with my arms and legs stiff and my jaw dropped and she was making me feel things I had never felt before, even with my own hand. She was staring at my face and could tell how close I was to cumming, and she had a way of bringing me right to the edge but not letting me go over. I was going crazy between my legs but I was frozen, she kept me right on the brink for about a minute, kneading my clit and her pinky running up and down my lips. She then whispered 'you want to cum?' tears were running down my face and all I could say was 'yes...please...please'. She picked up her pace a little and slid her finger deep inside me and I came like never before. My back arched and I screamed out, and when I fell back I rolled over and threw my arm and leg over her, my toes still spread, my face buried in her shoulder. I must have laid there for five minutes, motionless. This girl must have fingered hundreds of pussies to get so good at it, no way that it was by accident. Finally I looked up and her and all I could tell her was 'thank you', but in my mind I was screaming 'that was the best orgasm of my life! Please finger me again and again and again!' Obviously I couldn't say it, but damn I wanted to. We just laid there in a sweaty tangled mess for a while until I rolled off her and sat up, just telling her 'I'm kind of hungry'. She giggled and said 'ok', so we got into our clothes and went to the cafeteria, not even bothering with our shoes.

This happened more times throughout the semester and soon after I started repaying her, not like the mind blowing orgasms she gave me, but I could tell by her eyes that she liked it. Not long into the next semester she had a falling out with the person overseeing the dorm and she had to switch to another building, and then some problems happened and she ended up dropping out. It's been years since this all went on and I'm not a lesbian or anything, as the guy I'm with is an angel, but not an orgasm goes by that I don't wish I could feel another one like the first one she gave me.



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