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First Girl

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At the time a confusing yet exciting experience. Haven't had anything as intense since then.


When I was 14 my parents sent me to the West of Ireland to study Irish at a summer college for 3 weeks. We stayed with families in local houses but boys and girls were in different houses. I was packed in with six others in bunk beds. The lady of the house gave us all our meals although the food wasn't great. She had her two daughters helping her, one was about 18 or 19, the other was 15. There were about 60 of us on the course boys and girls from 12 to 16. We had classes in the morning. In the afternoons we played sports or if the weather was good we went to the beach. At night we had these dances called ceilidh's but only Irish dancing was allowed. The dance finished at 9.30pm. and we had to be back in our houses at 10pm. Lights out was at 11pm.

It took a few days for us to get to know each other and make friends. I hooked up with two other lads from my house and we went around together. After the first week there began to be interaction between the boys and girls, especially in the afternoons and after the dances. It was compulsory to dance even if you were no good at it. So like it or not you got to be close to girls even just for a few minutes.

At this stage I was going through puberty. My voice had broken, I had grown pubic hair and my penis was constantly getting hard, going down, then hard again. I was having wet dreams and had learned to keep tissues near me at night and to sleep with one in the bed so as to clean up the mess. Even though I had heard plenty of jokes about masturbation I had not had any desire to try it. I think I was too busy with sport and other activities and sex just did not seem important to me then.

On the Irish course I began to change however. A big topic of conversation among the boys was kissing girls. An unofficial competition began to develop as to who could kiss the most girls. I had no illusions about my ability but one of my new friends got into the game immediately. Through him I began to meet some girls and I managed to get my score off zero at least. With practice I began to enjoy this new activity. If you danced with a girl and there was a spark either you or she would ask you to wait outside the hall afterwards. We usually hung out there for ten minutes or so before being told to go home. There were always corners where one could kiss in privacy of a sort.

As well as the boys and girls from the course local young people were also allowed to attend the dance. I danced with some of them but they tended to be shy and usually declined an invitation to meet outside. One night, Deirdre, the 15 year old from the house where I was staying asked me to dance. I was surprised but I danced with her a couple of times. Trying to get my kissing score up I chanced my arm and asked if she would wait for me outside. She said she would but that she would have to go home with her friends. We met outside and moved around the corner of the hall. There were already some couples there kissing. I moved closer to her and began to kiss her. She was good and did not pull away quickly like most of the others I had kissed before that. In fact if anything she was even pressing against me and I could feel her breasts. She broke off and said we'll meet tomorrow night.

After that we met every night after the dance. On the second last night she walked some of the way home with me but at a certain point she gave me a quick kiss and ran after her friends who were up ahead. I could hear them laughing as they went on and hoped they weren't laughing at me.

Naturally my experiences with Deirdre began to affect my thoughts. In bed I found myself thinking about her, imagining her breasts pressing into my chest and the taste of her lips on mine. My penis was hard and throbbing but because of the other guys in the room I tried to distract myself with thoughts of sport. Every night I woke up desperately looking for my tissue to clean up the mess I had made in my sleep.

On the last night we had what they called the big dance and there were various presentations and prizes given out. Deirdre danced with me again and promised to meet me afterwards. When we got outside the hall she said come with me. This was unusual because we always waited to be told to go home. She brought me down the road into a field which she said belonged to her father. She took me into some bushes where there was a grassy patch. She had an anorak and took it off and put it on the ground. They won't see us here, she said, but we can only stay a few minutes. We sat down and began to kiss. I had some great sensations. After a few minutes she said we better get up and I thought this was all there was going to be. But then she told me to stand behind her and put my hands around her. When I did she pushed them up onto her breasts and I was holding her breasts through her shirt. A first for me. Then I felt her hand down at the front of my trousers and before I knew it she had gripped my penis through my pants. She squeezed a few times but that was too much for me. I lost it completely and messed up my pants. You're quick she said. Then she said don't tell anybody or we'll both be in trouble. With that she picked up her anorak and left me there. I had a very restless night after that with all sorts of images of Deirdre, especially her breasts.

The following morning when we were getting ready to leave I could hardly look her in the eye. But as we left she was at the door with her mother and older sister. Her mother said I hope you enjoyed your time here. I mumbled some reply and said thanks. I looked at Deirdre, she was smiling and I tried to smile in return.



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