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First for Me

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Paul and I have known Jenny and Rob for years and socialise with them quite often, though Paul and Rob spend more time together doing their guy things than Jenny and I do. There has never been any sexual undertones or anything of the like, just four friends enjoying each others company and having fun.

A while back we decided to hire out a lakeside holiday home together for a week. The guys set off a couple of hours before us, towing Rob's boat while Jenny and I followed up with the rest of the supplies. Our trip up was pretty standard..lunch and a rest room stop, and we arrived to find the guys having a beer and sorting out their fishing gear.

The place was gorgeous! Sheltered on three sides by trees, with a deck overlooking a lovely garden and the lake. It felt very isolated and miles from civilization, but with all the comforts of home, which turned out to be a good thing as the weather turned cold the first full day we were there. We spent the first evening and the next day kickin round in the house doing very little and listening to the guys grizzling about the weather. Thankfully the next day was brilliant and we took the boat out for a run. The water seemed a bit cool for skiing so we just cruised the lake for a while, then the guys decided they wanted to fish and dropped Jenny and I back at the house while they grabbed their gear.

The sun was beaming down on the deck and Jenny announced she was going to do some tanning since the guys would be gone for a few hours and asked if I was going to join her. I poured us some drinks and turned up the radio so we could hear it outside before returning to the deck. I was startled to see Jenny lying totally naked on a lounger rubbing lotion onto her legs and body. Seeing the look that must have been on my face she swung her legs over and sat up to accept the drink, apologising for not asking and explaining she always tanned naked when given the opportunity. Having never seen her naked before I tried not to stare while I assured her it was ok and that I had just been surprised, as I took note of her full breasts and patch of neatly trimmed hair between her legs.

That awkward moment passed and I stripped to my panties before taking a place on an adjacent lounger and coating my exposed skin with lotion. Lying in the sun chatting away and sipping our drinks was so relaxing I dozed off. I have no idea how long it was but the next thing I became aware of was vaguely familiar sounds from Jenny. Rolling my head toward her, my view was partially blocked by the table between us. Through half open eyes I could see Jen's knees pulled up and her hand dancing between her spread legs. Watching in stunned silence my ears picked up wet sounds and grunts as her hand worked away out of sight below the patch of hair I had glimpsed earlier. I had never seen another woman masturbate before, other than on the occasional porn movies Paul and I used to watch in our younger days. I was embarrassed and fascinated at the same time, and unsure of what I should do I continued watching, almost too afraid to move. I was becoming very aroused by the sight and sound of her masturbating and felt my own urges building to the point I was on the verge of sliding my hand down to my own wet pussy. Suddenly Jenny groaned and grunted, her hips bucked and she rolled onto her side away from me, panting heavily. I lay where I was..a little disappointed and frustrated, listening to Jen catch her breath, and trying to think of a subtle way to make it known I was awake. Just when I had decided on a yawn and stretch a sneeze burst out of nowhere.

I sat up reaching for a tissue to wipe my nose as Jenny said a little anxiously 'I didn't know you were awake!'

'just sneezed myself awake' I laughed 'must be something in the air..sorry I fell asleep..hope I wasn't snoring'

'That's what holidays are for hun ' she replied' I'm going to grab a shower before the guys get back'

Picking her clothes off the deck she turned to get her glass off the table, giving me a view of her clitoris protruding like a little cock and wet smears on her inner thighs, before heading inside. Following a few minutes later I was pleased to hear the shower running and headed to my room. As soon as I had the door shut I pulled my panties off and knelt on the bed, slipping a finger between my pussy lips. I was surprised at how wet I actually was and how easily my finger entered me. Sighing at my own touch I tipped forward to rest my head on the pillows, propping myself with my shoulder I inserted a second finger, pulling on a nipple with my free hand while I stroked and probed my pussy, spreading the fingers to increase the contact. I came very quickly, feeling my pussy contracting around my finger in pulses while I ground the palm of my hand against my clit and gasped into the pillow. Lying there I noticed the shower had stopped and hoped Jenny hadn't heard anything. I got off the bed wiped my hand on my discarded panties then took my turn in the shower.

Nothing was mentioned while Jenny and I sat drinking coffee waiting for the guys to return, so I guess she was unaware of what I had seen or done. Nothing else like that happened for the rest of that week or since..though I do often think of that day on the deck.



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