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First Exploration

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I grew up in a suburb of a large City in the Midwest. We boys usually hung around and played ball or rode the bikes and the gils in the neighbourhood did their own thing. At first I didn't even notice when things changed a little. The girls had begun to hang around us boys more when we played ball and made silly comments. They followed us when we roamed the neighbourhood and slowly became part of the boy group.

One summer evening there were only three of us playing ball in the driveway. My friend Ben, Sue and I. When we got bored, we decided to go to my house to play video games. I was a little surprised that Sue came along. She had never been at my house before but it didn't seem to be a big deal for her. When we came in the house my mother actually said that she would call Sue's and Ben's parents just so they knew where they were. We took off to the cool basement to play video games. We switched around playing for a while since only two of us could play at the same time. After a while my mom yelled down that Ben's mother had called and he was supposed to come home. He wasn't happy but went home right away. Sue and I kept playing video games until out of the blue she asked: 'Can you make babies yet?'

I completely forgot the game and just looked at her and stuttered 'Whaat?'

'You know make stuff come out of your thing that makes babies.'

'I don't know' I honestly answered. 'Can you?'

'Yes, I can have babies already, I had my first period the other day.'

'You did?' I didn't know much more to say.

'Does your thing get hard already?'

'Sometimes it does' I admitted.

She said 'My mom told me that when a boy puts his hard penis inside my vagina and his sperm comes out inside me, I will get pregnant and have a baby.'

That was not completely news to me but I certainly didn't expect a conversation like this with Sue, and I had never really put too much thought in the talks my parents kept trying to bring up.

'I have never seen a hard penis' She went on. 'Can you make it hard?'

I had never really tried to make it hard but for some reason it actually had become hard during this conversation with Sue. 'It is hard now' I told her with a little bit of pride. 'Do you girls get hard too?'

'Not really, but I sometimes get a good feeling down there when I put a pen inside me.'

I could not believe what I just heard. She puts a pen inside of herself to make herself feel like she is having sex. I had sometimes wondered how it would feel but never gotten the idea of simulating it.

'Would you show me your penis if I show you my vagina?' She asked.

I swallowed hard. There was part of me who would love to take my clothes off and see what she has. But I knew that we could get into bad trouble if my mom caught us.

Right this moment I heard my mom open the basement door and yell down: 'I have to run out and buy some groceries for dinner. Are you guys OK down there?'

'Yea, we are good' I yelled back.

'Sue's mom said she can stay for dinner if she wants.'

'Cool!' I answered. 'See you later'

Here went my excuse for being a chicken. Sue smiled and lifted up her shirt a little pretending to get undressed.

I tried thinking about another good excuse but didn't come up with anything.

Finally I said: 'OK, but I also want to see your boobs.' I had heard from older boys that boobs are cool and I wanted to see what they were talking about since I obviously had the opportunity.

She didn't say anything and just started taking her clothes off. I was still a little unsure but we had a deal and I slowly removed my shirt and shorts. My hard penis created a big bulge in my briefs. Sue was also just in her undies. She had nice little breasts starting to develop and her nipples seemed huge. She looked me in the eyes, smiled and slowly took her undies off. I was a little disappointed and realized that she would have the longer end of the deal since there was not really that much to see with a girl, while my little guy was already pretty obvious with my underwear on. I bit the bullet and pulled my briefs down as well. Now here we were butt naked two adolescent kids excited to see the opposite sex for the first time. It was a little awkward moment until she asked: 'Do you want to see where I put the pen to feel good?'

Of course I wanted and I told her so. She walked over to my dad's office desk and grabbed a black marker. I noticed that the pen was about the size of my penis. She sat down on the couch, pulling her feet to her butt and spreading her legs. So it was a good deal after all. I got to see her whole pink glory down there.

I sat down in front of her and closely watched her carefully guiding the back end of the marker into her wet vagina. It was absolutely hot to watch her doing that. My penis was now harder than I had ever seen it before. It actually jumped a little with every heart beat. Sue started now moving the marker in and out. She had her eyes closed and seemed to enjoy what she was doing a lot. I certainly enjoyed watching. A strange feeling flushed through my body. My head seemed to become numb, I had the urge to jump on Sue and replace this pen with my penis. But I didn't do anything, just watched how Sue's movements became more and more ecstatic until all of a sudden she started convulsing body movements. She closed up her legs breathed hard for a while and then slowed down her movements and breathing again. She had a broad grin on her face when she opened her eyes.

'Wow, that was great having you watch. Do you want to try to see if you can make semen yet?'

'Yes,' I answered 'but how?'

'We have to find a fake vagina for you, something with a hole where you can stick your penis in.'

I looked around but nothing really stuck out at me.

'What about this old vase?' She asked walking over to the closet where my mom had a vase with some old fake flowers.

'That is about the size of your penis.'

She took the flowers out and went to the sink to wash the dust out. Then she handed it to me. I didn't really know what to do with it. I turned it around and pulled it over my throbbing hard penis. The top of the vase was a little tight and it pulled my foreskin back, exposing my purple red knob. But pulling the vase over my little member felt great. Now I was standing there not knowing what to do. Sue nudged me on. 'You have to move it back and forth like I pulled the pen in and out.'

I started slowly pumping the vase back and forth over my penis. My foreskin moved back and forth with it and after a few strokes a tense feeling built up in my testicles. Sue was now just sitting on the couch intensly watching my penis while I was standing in front of her.

I kept pumping until the tension in my testicles almost hurt. But it still felt good at the same time. All off a sudden I felt a contraction below my scrotum and my knees almost buckled. I stopped for a second but could not resist to go on and see if anything more would happen. After two more strokes. The area below my scrotum tensed up and released with a series of muscle spasms. My knees buckled and I fell to the ground. It took me a few seconds to come to my senses again.

When I pulled myself onto the couch next to Sue. The vase was still dangling from my penis. Sue pulled it carefully off and my penis jumped to attention again. Sue looked inside the vase and found some drops of a clear liquid.

'I think this is boy semen' She said. 'Did it feel good when it came out?'

'It was out of this world' I told her. 'Thank you for showing me what to do. Can we do it again?'

'I think we should get dressed, your mom should be back soon.'

'You are right, but we have to do that again soon.'

We started putting our clothes back on. My penis was still pointing up to the ceiling. Now I actually enjoyed being naked in front of Sue. I put my shirt on first and took my time putting my briefs back on while making sure that Sue could get a good look. She certainly used her opportunity while getting dressed.

When everything was tucked in again she said 'I should go now.' With that she gave me a kiss on my cheek and left.

Needless to say that the vase became my best friend for a while until it got too small. Fortunately I discovered my hands at that time.



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