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First Experiences With Boy's Cum

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I have enjoyed this site ever since I was told about it. About time I contributed to it.


I'm 19 now and writing about my first experiences with boy's cum. The first time I saw it although I didn't know what I was looking at was when I was 12 or maybe 13 years old. It was at home and I had walked into my big brother's bedroom one afternoon. I probably almost caught him, thinking back now. Anyway, on the night stand by his bed were these globs of white gooey looking stuff. I asked my brother 'what's this gross looking stuff on your night stand'? He jump up, went to the bathroom and came out with a hand full of tissue paper and he quickly wiped it up and didn't answer me. He just cleaned it up. Of course, I now know what I was looking at but not back then.

A week or so later, I was in his room when he wasn't home sneeking around. I found this girly magazine in the night stand drawer. I looked at it and found lots of pages stuck together and lots of stains on it that were a tent of yellow in color. Again, I didn't know what I was seeing other than a bunch of pictures of naked girls showing there tits and pussies. Now, years later and 'having been around the block' a lot more I know exactly what I was looking at. It was cum stains and cum stuck pages. He was laying the magazine on the stand and jacking off looking at the pictures and he'd shoot his cum on the pictures of the girl he was jacking off to.

Then, there was the first time I got to see fresh warm cum and saw it squirted out of a boy's penis. I was either 16 or 17 years old and had a steady boyfriend named Jim. We'd been out on a date and sitting in front of my house kissing and making out. We had been into some light petting but this night it went beyond light. Jim put his hand up my top feeling my tits through my bra. He was rubbing and squeezing on them and it felt so good having him touch me there. Then he put a hand on my thigh and started rubbing on it slowly going higher and higher. His breathing really picked up and so was mine.

His finger tips then reached my pussy and he went to feeling there through my panties and feeling my inner thighs. I remember feeling so hot and wet there. He had his other hand on his crotch rubbing himself. I looked and could see his erect cock in his slacks. So, I reached over touching it too. Jim laid his head back on the seat when I touched him there and said 'Oh Kathleen. Your driving me crazy'. I continued rubbing on it for a minute when Jim reached down unzipping his pants. He reached in and pulled it out. I'd never seen a boys erect penis in person before or touched one. Jim told me 'please Kathleen. Keep rubbing it. Please'. I reached back over putting my hand around it. It felt so smooth and so good in my hand. I went to moving my hand and Jim went to saying 'ahh, don't stop. Don't stop. Make me come. Please let me come'. I continued and then Jim said 'oh, I'm almost there. Ahh, Ahh I'm coming! I'm coming' and the first stream of cum shot out followed by another and another again. I was seeing a boy's cum but this time I knew what it was. It got all over Jim's lap and on my hand.

Back when I first saw my brother's cum I thought it was real gross looking. Now, it looks beautiful to me. Still all gooey and slimy but I knew it made Jim feel real good and it was Jim's sperm.



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