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First Experience With Mom

Posted by: Author: Age: 19 Posted on: 2 comments
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I'm Joanie and I wrote the story 'The Confession' back in late December. I also then wrote a comment stating that I talked with mom and we planned to have sex with each other in a few days. Well, we did and I'll tell you about it.

Mom and I were home alone for the evening. Dad was again at the hospital. It was around eight o'clock when she took me by my hand and asked me if I was ready. My hands were shaking, I was tremendously excited and quite nervous. When we went into her room she sat on the edge of the bed while I stood in front of her. Mom said, 'let me undress you, I can't wait to feel your tits.' She took off my top and then my bra. After staring at my chest for several seconds mom pulled me to her and kissed my two nipples. She then started rolling them between her fingers. She told me that they were already so hard. Mom then said, 'may I pull on them?' I nodded my head. She pulled each nipple quite firmly and I could feel sensations between my legs. She continued pulling on them and pinching them. I was just so very excited that a little pee ran down my leg but just a little.

She then put one into her mouth and I could feel her sucking on it while she played with my other one. Mom then took off her top and bra. Her nipples were quite thick but her areolas were huge. I thought they looked to be about four inches across and very dark. She told me to get up on the bed and she layed back on her back. Mom said, 'suck on them like a baby.' That's just what I did. I put my hand down between her legs but she took it away and said, 'not until we're naked.' We then tongue kissed for a couple of minutes until mom told me to take off my pants which I promptly did. She told me to now take off hers. I pulled them off and then I pulled off her panties. I then took off my panties. We both have bald cunts. Mom's inner lips were hanging out of her slit by like two inches. I got even more stimulated just looking at all that hanging skin.

She saw me looking and asked me if I would like to pull on it. I began to pull it and discovered that it nearly doubled in length. Mom asked me what else I would like to do with it. I'm sure you know what I did with it. After I stopped mom told me to lie on my back. She began kissing my body all over and put her tongue into my belly button. I started to buck my hips as soon as I felt her kissing my cunt. Mom told me to lie still. She spread my cunt open with one hand and started gently squeezing my clitoris with the other hand. Pulses and sensations were shooting through my groin like crazy. I was totally loving this. Mom then began to finger fuck me while still rubbing and squeezing my clitoris. She said, 'you must tell me when you think you are almost ready to cum.' It wasn't long before I could feel the sensations leading to orgasm. I told her and she immediately stopped touching me. The sensations started to subside and mom said, 'I want to tease you for awhile.'

I was then told to roll over onto my belly. In a couple of seconds I felt mom's finger being inserted up my butt hole. It felt quite different but I totally enjoyed the sensation as her finger pumped in and out of me. She then inserted a second finger up me which I enjoyed even more. After washing her hands she returned to the room and got on her belly. I then fingered her rear for several minutes and then washed up. Back on the bed mom said she was ready to cum. She got on her back, lifted up her knees and spread open her legs. She then told me to use both hands. In a fairly short time mom had an orgasm. I could actually feel her cunt hole opening and closing on my finger.

Then, I discovered the weirdest thing, as I started to get onto my back I saw several drops of a clear fluid coming out of my pee hole and down my butt and leg. Mom saw it also and got some of it on her finger. She put the finger to my mouth and I tasted my own stuff. Mom then massaged my clit and fingered me. She again told me to let her know when I was getting ready to achieve orgasm. I could again feel the tremendous sensations in my groin and I knew I was getting ready to cum. I didn't say anything to mom. My orgasm was wonderful and very intense. Mom told me I was a bad girl for not telling her. We then showered together and washed each other with our hands. I commented on the size of her nipples and areolas and mom said that was all for me to suck on. After drying ourselves we went back into the bedroom and mom told me to get back up on the bed while I was still naked. She bent down to me and for nearly a minute she kissed my cunt and then she had me turn over. Mom spread my butt cheeks and kissed my hole several times and teased it with the tip of her tongue.

After dressing I asked mom if we could do this again. She said, 'certainly, why not?'

In two nights dad will have to work in the evening again. On that day I will shave to make sure it's oh so soft and smooth.



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