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First Experience With Anal Masturbation

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Since our first experience with masturbation and orgasm my friend Jim and I had masturbated a few times together each time discussing different and new ways we had found to explore our masturbation sessions. We talked about different strokes, positions and places that we had masturbated and how good the orgasms were.

I was always home alone so Jim used to come over and we would hang out while no one else was around. One such time Jim showed up after school and I was on the computer checking out some masturbation sites like Solo Touch. Jim walked in my room and started to laugh. He sat down and we checked the sites out together. We saw one website in particular that suggested anal masturbation. This seemed a little weird to both of us at first. I had never really thought about it and considered it a homosexual act. But the site assured that it was not only for gay people. Jim was also a little put off by the thought.

After checking out some more sites and looking at a little porn Jim said, 'I'm pretty horny lets jerk off now', I was all for that so we made sure no one was home and headed to the bathroom. When we got there before we had even taken our clothes off I blurted out, 'Let's give that anal thing a try, we have done a lot of other stuff and really its probably pretty great'. Jim wasn't really cool with it at first but a second later agreed and wanted to give it a shot.

We really didn't know how to go about doing it so we talked for a while and decided that we should use gloves no matter what we decide to do. We rounded up some latex gloves from a medicine cabinet and a bottle of KY lube that I had and headed back to the bathroom. When we got there I was very excited not to mention horny. Jim was also very horny his face was red and there was a serious bulge in his pants. We put towels down on the floor and started to strip off.

In an instant we were both naked with throbbing hardons Jim's penis was bobbing up and down with the beat of his heart and mine was as hard as I had ever seen it. The pleasurable full feeling was flowing from my penis head down the shaft and into my legs. At first we just checked each other out like we always did. I grabbed my penis and gave it a few slow strokes Jim did the same. Then we sat down on the towels facing one another with our legs crossed over each others. We started to stroke away for a while.

I reached over and touched Jim's balls and he did the same for me. It felt ticklish but very nice. After a little while I began to produce a little pre-cum and was intensely horny. I suggested to Jim that we give the anal a go. I put one of the latex gloves on and squeezed some lube onto my fingers. Jim did the same. We looked at one another with some apprehension. Jim said, 'alright I'm going to go for it and not stop until I come but you have to do the same no matter what it feels like.' I agreed with him and promised to do it until I ejaculated.

Jim went first he slipped his hand down near his butt hole and wiped some of the lube on it. Eventually he slipped a finger in I was watching very intently. As soon as his finger passed his butt hole Jim's penis jumped and he looked like it felt great. His eyes closed and he lifted his butt off of the ground. I said, 'how does it feel?' Jim just grunted and said great. So I went for it I lubed up my butt hole just like Jim and slipped a finger into me. It felt so intense I almost couldn't take it. It was like I had to pee or something. My penis gave a great spasm just like Jim's and I felt like I was going to shoot pre-cum to the ceiling.

I started to stroke a little and immediately felt like I was going to cum. so I focused more on my butt hole I felt around and noticed that if I put pressure on the top of my butt toward my abdomen the feeling of pre-cumming was much more intense. I did this for a while and the clear/whitish fluid was pretty much streaming out of my dick hole this made me very horny I love pre-cum and to see this much of it was exciting. Jim realized this and asked me how I did it. I told him and before long there was a damp spot on the towel due to his fluid. I couldn't help myself but to reach over with my ungloved hand and touch his pre-cum. It was so stringy and smelled a lot like Clorox. Jim did the same to me.

After a while of fingering ourselves I said, 'I think I have to cum Jim this is getting pretty intense' I wasn't lying I couldn't take it anymore. The tip of my penis felt as though it were on fire it was tingling so much and my penis was spasming uncontrollably. I shifted over closer to Jim and told him I was about to cum. He stopped and looked at me as my orgasm grew. It was insanely intense. I never moan but this time I let out a long one. My penis became so hard it almost hurt but the pain was short lived. My balls sucked up into my body to the point that you could barely tell they were there.

All of a sudden the first wave of that orgasm pleasure fell over me and I lost control my legs shook and I lifted off the ground. Cum shot so hard out of my penis that I could feel it blast out of my hole. wave after wave and contraction after contraction went over me. until I was spent and covered in semen. I lay there unable to move except to let my fingers fall out of my butt. When I recovered a little I looked over and saw that Jim was back at it. he was pouring out pre-cum. He was stroking his penis furiously and looked like he was about to reach the point of no return.

He came so hard it was unbelievable. Semen shot out of his penis in a big arc and landed on my leg. So much cum was shot out I couldn't see how he was still orgasming. After we were done we took a shower in which we found ourselves to be still very horny for some reason so we jerked off again with conditioner. Anal masturbation is great every once in a while.



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