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First Experience With a Friend

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My best friend and I have alwsays been very close. When I was in my junior year of highschool, we had an experience together. My first with a female. Neither one of us is a lesbian or even bisexual. In fact, she is in a serious relationship and planning to be married and I've just started seeing someone.
I had never been with anyone; I'm sort of a late bloomer in that department. Having never even kissed a guy, my friend offered to teach me. Harmless enough. However, one kiss led to another and another... I'm sure you get the picture. ;) Before either of us realized it, we were both naked and lying together on my bed. Erotic and sensual. Those are the two words I would use to describe it. Gently, she placed her hand on my abdomen and began to softly stroke my belly while her mouth found my left nipple. I arched my back to give her more access to my supple breasts and her hand slowly found my core. I was already dripping wet with anticipation as she slipped one finger into my folds. Her thumb found my clit and she began to massage as I lifted my hips off the bed. Gently bititng my nipple, she let it go and left a trail of kisses up my neck and to my mouth. Tongues dueling, she continued to tease me down below. When I began to moan, she slipped another finger into me causing my hips to buck against her hand.
Over come with pleasure, I threw my head back and came--multiple times. As I began to recover from the waves of pleasure, I rolled onto my side and began to suck on her large breasts. I followed her actions from just moments earlier and slid my hand down her body to feel her wetness. Not bothering to tease her (she informed me there was no need) I delved my hand into her velvet folds, immediately causing her to moan out loud. Pumping three fingers into her, we rolled over and I watched as her face contorted with pleasure and she began to feel the same waves of ecstacy. Still forcing my fingers into her dripping flesh, we rolled back over so she was on top and her hand joined mine. I knew it wouldn't be much longer with the way she was bucking against both our hands and before long, she had come all over me.
Both of us panting, she rolled off me and brushed my hair off my neck and placed a soft kiss there. 'Guess I taught you more than we thought, huh?' she whispered with a soft chuckle as she began to drift off to sleep.
It was a great experience. Though that was the only night we were together like that, it was something I often think about and I continually masturbate to it. She was the only girl I would have ever thought of being with. Thank you for letting me share my experience!



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