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First Experience in the Rain

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Thinking about this still gets me excited


I had recently turned 16, had my driver's licence, and a decent car. I worked a couple nights a week at the mall, and one of my coworkers was a really hot 18 year old girl. She was polite and friendly, but we never really talked much since we worked in different areas of the store. Through casual conversation, I learned she lived only a block from my house, but we went to different schools.
One Friday night, after getting off work at 10 pm, her car would not start. Knowing where I lived, she asked if we could hitch a ride home. At this point, I was happy to give a hot girl a ride home, but I had no thoughts of anything sexual happening. On the way home, she said I could just drive to my house and she would walk from there. She then added the invitation for me to walk her home.
When we pulled into my driveway, she noticed we had a pool in the back, and asked if she could take a look. I didn't really know why she wanted to, but I agreed. As we stood on the back patio, we spent about 15 minutes in small talk. I had sat down by that time, and as it was beginning to rain, I asked if she'd like me to walk her home.
She responded by saying how thankful she was to me. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. This was very nice, but still, I was not thinking anything more would happen. At this time she stood between my legs, and sat down on my lap. Looking deep into my eyes, she said again, I really want to thank you.
At this time, we began kissing fairly passionately, and I could feel my cock growing harder. I think she could feel it too as she began to grind her hot ass into my lap a bit harder. By this time, I completely forgot about the rain. I was enjoying the moment, wondering where it was going. Next, she said to me, I think you deserve more. She took my hand, and placed it on her breast. I squeezed her beautiful tits softly as we continued kissing. She then unbuttoned her shirt and guided my hand underneath, eventually slipping her bra down so I could feel her hard nipples.
By this point, I felt like my cock was going to bust through my pants. As I began rocking my hips beneath her, she slid off to the side a bit, then slid her hand down to gently squeeze the bulge in my pants. Very nice, she said. Do you mind if I repay you a little more, she asked. I just said mmmm....
She stood up, and after undoing my pants, she slid them down to my ankles. After that, she reclined the chair we were sitting on, and had me lay back. Standing in front of me, she lifted her skirt up revealing some skimpy white, sexy panties. I just about exploded. I had never done more than any kissing with a girl, and had never seen a live girl in her panties (just pics in magazines). We were both drenched as the rain was really coming down hard. After she stood in front of me for a moment, rubbing her mound, she again straddled me and began rubbing herself against my stiff prick. I could see she was really getting off to as she rocked back and forth on top of me. She again pulled my hands up to squeeze her titties as she ground her self into me until I exploded. My dick had popped out of the top of my shorts, and I ended up with a sticky mess all over me. I was embarrassed at first, but she reached down and rubbed me with her hand a bit longer, then she laid back and began rubbing herself, sliding her finger in her pussy until she got herself off. Watching her do this, and listening to her moan got me stiff again, and I rubbed my own cock until we were both done.
The night ended with her again saying thank you, then 'you can walk me home now.' I did it gladly. At her house, she kissed me on the cheek, then I went back to my house.
Our relationship at work didn't really change after that, and a short time later she was off to college. I never had a nother experience with her, but that one was something I will never forget.



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