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First Experience at a Rave

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My first experience with a girl


There was a rave at the local concert venue, so my friends and I decided to go. One of my friends had been to a few before and always came back with stories of how you could just go up to any random girl from some random school and just start grinding. He said that lots of girls like to make out with you randomly too.

So of course, this made me want to go to one, but I was afraid of if my parents would allow me to go, since raves are known for having people show up drunk and high, they didn't really trust me at all. And to make it worse, my sister, who is two years younger than me, was planning on going and she made it known to my parents that drugs and alcohol are common at raves. However, my parents let me go. I was scared of accidentally grinding my sister at the rave, but she ended up not going.

So when me and two of my friends and two other kids who drove us, and my other friend who we met up with at the rave in the parking lot, got into the rave, there were tons of insanely hot girls. We instantly started grinding with some girls. They really got into it. Some of my friends started making out with some girls. Near the end of the rave, after grinding with about seven girls and having the time of my life, I started grinding with this one girl. I couldn't tell how hot she was, as I hadn't looked one girl in the face the entire night.

But she was really getting into it, and I moved my hands to the inside of her thighs. I started rubbing her crotch area in beat to the music, and when I realized her hands were on top of mine, guiding them I thought, fuck it! I stuck both hands into her pants and felt her pussy. It was really wet. She had some smooth, silky pubic hair, but I didn't care. It wasn't excessive. I rubbed her pussy for a while, and she really liked it. Her pants were a little tight for both my hands, so I unbuttoned her pants and unzipped them, right in front of everybody. My friend them came up to me saying my dad had been calling him, telling us to go. No way was I leaving this! I told him to fuck off, and tried to get his attention to what I was doing, but he didn't notice. I continued fingering this girl from behind until I wondered if I could feel her tits.

I took my left hand out of her pants and continued fingering her with her right hand, trying to locate her clit among the movement of our bodies, her pubic hair, and my left hand feeling up her tits underneath her bra. I would have thought my friends would have noticed, because we weren't in the middle of the crowd. We were on the outside, and facing out, with my hand down her unbuttoned pants and my other hand up her shirt, going from her left breast to her right one, feeling her small nipples (the kind I was hoping she'd have. I don't like big, ugly, stretched-out nipples.) And making sure they were erect. I would rub it between my fingers and I was loving this. She had really nice breasts, and her pussy, apart from the hair, was nice too.

We must have been doing this for 30 minutes, because I was with her for 45 minutes total, and for whatever reason I couldn't really get a boner, despite all that I was doing to this girl. I finally got one, and for about 15 minutes I was fingering her, feeling up her tits, and pressing my boner against her nice ass. I only wish I had guided her hand to my cock, so she could have done something with me. I must have felt her pussy tighten against my fingers three times. She was really horny.

Finally, she turned and said 'I have to go home.' She stepped away, realized her pants were still unbuttoned, and buttoned them up. I immediately smelled my fingers, which smelled sweet yet musky, and I didn't taste them for about five minutes after we had stopped, so it was dried up on my fingers, but I got a small taste of a vagina. At first, none of my friends believed me, because I am normally a quiet kid who is friends with girls, and talks to girls, but doesn't do much more. But since my finger still smelled like a pussy, I went home and jacked off to the memory and the smell. I then took a shower, which got rid of the smell on my fingers, and jacked off to it again. And I think that's what I'm going to do now...



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