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First Experience

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Amazing what a bumpy, brick street can do...


I was pretty much a good little girl as I was growing up. No smoking, drinking, or premarital sex (yes, I was a virgin when I married at age 23). Doesn't mean I didn't have fun, though, because I was sneaky. I remember taking baths with my two-year-older brother when we were were little kids, but when I was in fourth grade I started feeling 'funny' when I saw him completely naked. By that time, we were too big for both of us to get into the tub, so we took our baths separately but still ran around the bathroom and upstairs stark naked in the evenings before bed. Thin whispy strands of pubic hair were just beginning to grow around our genitals, but since we were both blonde, it hardly showed. It got so that almost every time we were in the bathroom together, he would get an erection and I suppose by sixth grade, a boy was starting to mature.

Watching him walking around and bathing was a real treat for me and many times I found myself very wet after my bath and smelling rather musky, especially after waking up in the morning. I would have to take another bath to smell fresh and clean again. One particular summer morning, Gary came into the bathroom to get ready for baseball practice and I was in the bathtub lathering up. His penis stuck straight out and I don't think I had ever seen it that erect before, I was fascinated and couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He was brushing his teeth and I had started some small talk just to make him linger before my gaze a little longer. He came over and sat on the the edge of the bathtub, brushing his teeth as I chatted aimlessly, eyes glued on his erection. I began to feel warmth spread throughout my thighs and genitals and it was a feeling so unique and sudden that I pushed my hands between my thighs and clasped my legs together. This caused my pinky finger to push against what I now know as my clitoris, which sent chills throughout my gentitals and abdomen and soon I felt I had to pee. Afraid I couldn't hold off peeing any longer, I took my hands away and the feeling subsided.

Meanwhile, Gary let his hand drop to his penis and was fondling it while still brushing his teeth. Surprise overcame me as I watched the head of his penis turn purple and veins stand out all over the shaft. I drop of clear, thick liquid seeped out and just styed there until his finger wiped it away. When he stood up to spit out the toothpaste, the sack under his penis was really small and almost hidden between his thighs and his erection. I was totally fascinated by this sight and thirty years later still vividly remember it all in detail.

After he was done brushing his teeth, he came over to the bathtub and asked me if I wanted to go with him to baseball practice. There I was, looking up from the bathtub at the underside of his erect penis, veins and purple head and all. A persistant, nagging pulsation between my legs was actively distacting me but I managed a week 'OK' and he quickly disappeared to get ready. As I was drying off, he came in and said he had to leave and I could catch up with him. After he left I felt between my legs and my genitals were very wet.

The baseball field was across town at a soyabean processing plant and about a fifteen minute bike ride away. Gary had at least a ten minute head start and I knew I would never catch up to him, so I lazily went down the back streets feeling the bicycle seat push agaisnt my genitals causing little bursts of pleasure. As I crossed onto Fourth street, I realized I had stumbled upon an old brick street that most bicycle riders avoid because it's too rough, but it was only two blocks long, so I went ahead feeling the bumpy rhythm. Then that pulsing feeling began rushing throughout my thighs and I soon had that same feeling like I was going to pee, but this time it happened so quickly, I didn't have a chance to stop my bike and intense shocks of pleasure engulfed my thighs, abdomen, and genitals. Grunts of pleasure came from my throat as I hunched over the handlebars and coasted over the bricks, unable to hardly move or peddle. I clasped my thighs tightly around the seat and uncontrolably spasmed several times.

It was a wonderful but confusing experience and I was fortunate not to have lost control of my bicycle and crashed. It left me weak and shakey and I barely made it to Gary's practice before collapsing on the bleachers. The baseball practice was the furthest from my mind as I dwelled upon this new experience wondering how it happened and how to do it again. I rode back to the house with Gary and of course we avoided the shakey ride of Fourth street, although I yearned to try it again. What a day of awakening for me!



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