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First Enjoyable Penetration

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My boyfriend and I have been going out for just over a month. We are both students of a university and, unfortunately, our actual homes are far away from each other, which is a problem now that our school is on Winter Break.

Despite only being together for a month, we have spent quite a few nights together masturbating each other. While everything is great, we seem to be stuck in a routine already, so I've been encouraging him to think of things for us to try.

I didn't have much luck coaxing him until last night while talking over instant messenger. We started trading links to articles about masturbation and suggestions for couples. One of the articles suggested couples watch porn together. So for the next hour, we both gathered porn from various places online to share when we got together again. Knowing we were both looking at images and planning what our next night would include got me really excited. Eventually, practicality got in the way of our planning and he had to go to bed. Being as worked up as I was from talking to him and looking at stuff online, I was anxious to get to bed and relieve myself.

I've been masturbating since I was 12, but have always done it with clitoral simulation only. I've tried to put a finger in my pussy but I just don't like the way I feel inside. Also, even when extremely aroused, I don't get very wet, so lubrication is an issue.

My boyfriend has expressed interest in fingering me, but I've always stopped him because I'm so tight; it just hurts. But last night, I wanted something in me.

I found a make-up brush that was thicker than a finger, but still narrow enough that it wouldn't cause me any problems. I laid down on my bed and went to work on my clit while slowly pushing in the handle of the brush.

I found that moving my hips toward the brush, rather than moving the brush made insertion easier. Anyway, it was amazing. I couldn't believe how good it felt. After a while, I stopped playing with my clit and squeezed my legs together to feel the brush inside me. It felt so different from anything I'd ever felt before. Places were being stimulated that had never been touched before.

I let go of the brush and thrust my hips. This caused the brush to move in unexpected ways and felt fantastic. I went back to rubbing my clit and tried gently moving the brush in and out. It didn't feel that different at first, but then I twirled the brush between my fingers while moving it. Just unbelievable sensations. I didn't know if I'd ever be able to get something like this in again so I wanted the feelings to last as long as possible. Whenever I'd get close to orgasm, I'd stop moving, but squeeze my 'keegels' so I could still feel that the brush was there.

Towards the end, my legs and hands would shake even when I stopped and I felt like my skin was vibrating. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I pumped the brush in and out of my pussy while rubbing as fast as I could on my clit. The orgasm was like setting off a pack of firecrackers as a hundred spots on my body lit up at once. I've never had an orgasm like that alone or with a partner. It lasted a good thirty seconds and I was only able to lay with my eyes wide and mouth agape for minutes afterwards. I couldn't believe that just happened.

I put the brush under my pillow to clean later and went to sleep thinking, 'Won't he be surprised when he finds out what I've learned?'



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