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First Ejaculation at Age 9

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First Ejaculation at Age 9
I recently found your site and was happy to have run across it . I'm a 41 year old male who has always felt bad about not having many sexual experiences as a child. I was glad to hear so many other men have had these encounters plus they made me excited.
I always felt bad that I had to learn about wanking off on my own. I never had a father, brother or other family member to show me like some of your readers did. Still I had one memory that helped me out alot.
It was the summer of 1969 and my parents and I spent the summer at our cabin. Up to this point I had never completly masturbated and shot a load.( hell I didn't know I even could ) As much as I can remember I did always play with my cock and had erections. I knew it felt good but that was it. Anyway, the people next door were friends of my parents and that summer they brought thier grand-son down for the week-end. His name was Rich and he was 6 and I was 9.
One night while the grown-ups were inside playing cards, Rich and I were playing out-side. I went and set on the porch swing and Rich wanted to set on my lap and swing. He climbed up, stratled my lap and was facing me. A few minutes later I was floored when he put his hands on my crotch. He rubbed and pushed down on me and I got the hardest boner I ever had.
I didn't know what to do. Here I had this other boy playing with my hard dick. Out of the blue he asked if that was my Ding-Dong ? ( funny, but that is what we called it ) I said yes and he asked why it was hard ? All I could say was becuse he was pushing on it. He continued to knead and squeeze it and I thought I was gonna scream. He then asked if he could see it and I said no. I really wanted to, but since I wasn'y sure what to do at that point I left it alone.
The next morning I was watching cartoons while my parents were outside and here came Rich. I was in my pajamas and he plopped on my lap as he did last night. I was hard even before he settled down and his hands went right for my crotch. The more he played with it the harder it got. He had noticed something the same time I did. My little dick was trying to poke trough the fly of my pajama bottoms. His eyes got big and he said " I see your Ding-Dong " He started playing with the head and I thought I'd go over the edge. The clear liquid of my pre-cum was leaking out and he smeared it on my penis. I told him I had to go to the bathroom, but I'd meet him outside to play.
He left and I went to look at my boner. It was so hard and red and I didn't know what to do with it. I got dressed and went up the hill to some relatives cabin (since they weren't down that weekend ) and set on the open porch with my legs spread. Here came Rich and right on my lap he went. To this day I still think this kid had to have had other encounters before me ! I was hard again and this time he kept trying to pull the elastic waist band of my shorts out so he could see my little boner. I was really shocked when he wanted me to lay down. I did and he got between my legs and pulled my shorts down. Out popped my hard dick and he said: you've got hair down there'.
Being 9 I only had a few, but he was curious about them. He started to stroke my dick and then pulled himself up on top of me, pulled his shorts down and put his dick on top of mine and then started to move his hips. I couled stand it anymore and from my pre-cum I made us very wet. I got the nerve at this point to have him stand up so I could see his boner. He stood and pulled down his shorts. There was his hard little boner sticking straight in my face. I had never seen another penis in my life and I thought his was great. It was cute at about 2 inches as mine was probably 3-4 inches. I don't know where I got it from ,but I just grabbed his legs and stuck my mouth over his hard little dick. I sucked only for a few seconds, but it felt so good. We heard his grandma yelling for him to come to lunch. We both got up and went home.
That night in bed I had the hardest boner ever and I started stroking my dick as Rich had done earlier in the day . I only did it a little bit and I felt like my dick was going to pop. The next thing I knew white cream shot out my dick all over me and the bed. Even though I still didn't know for sure what to call it, I enjoyed it and from that day on it was everyday.
Never did see Rich after that weekend, but was always thankful he showed me a little on how to satisfy myself.
Hope you can use this on your site and thanks again for all the great stories here and hope I hear of more. All the best, John



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