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First Ejaculation

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I have been wanking for as long as I can remember nothing came out but I was able to orgasm for at least the last year. This is a story about my first ejaculation.

I am an only child. My mom works nights and dad works days. So mom is always there when I come home from school, but frequently asleep. I try to keep very quiet coming into the house and would go to my room and crank a few off, before settling down to a snack and home work.

I could easily orgasm three or four times in the course of 15 to 20 minutes. My cousin does not believe that I could orgasm that way but I could. This one day we had a half day of school, Mom was off the night before so I was not expecting any Jack off time, but I was quiet coming in just the same. Mom obviously forgot it was a half day as you will see.

I have to go by my parents room to get to mine. As I snuck down the hall I herd some faint music hard thumping rap that mom usually does not listen to. It was very soft I figured she had fallen to sleep with the radio on. I could not have been more wrong. Mom was sitting on the bed with headphones blaring. She was stark naked with a towel on her head and the bed had two beach towels on it. She had a mirror propped between her legs and was plucking her bikini line. I immediately ducked behind the door and watched through the crack at the hinge. Mom could not see me but I could sure see her, like never before. I never thought of mom sexually before that, but I could not tear myself away.

I grabbed my pecker through my pants and started working away. I orgasmed almost immediately. As usual I stayed hard, and kept tugging. I was surprised that my underwear seemed a little wet and slimy. I figured I must have peed myself a little. The wet felt good. I so wanted to whip it out, but I did not dare.

After a lot of plucking mom started running her fingers through the only remaining tuft just above her pussy. Then she squirted oil on her legs and started massaging it in. There was a lot of oil. Way more than I've seen her apply to her legs in the bathroom before. She lazily dragged her oil soaked fingers through her slit. She spread her lips wide and oiling up her pussy pretty well. She had enough oil on her legs for her whole body but that did not stop her from squirting more on her hands before she began massaging her tits. Her nipples started to get hard and dark they stuck out like bullets on her chest. Her chest started to flush red and her breathing started getting very deep. She then grabbed a back massager from the bedside table, and turned it on. I thought she was going to use it on her legs. But she rolled over and thrust it between her legs.

I'm young and have had a protected life to that point, but I knew this had to be something sexual. I popped another orgasm in my pants. This time again there was some goo but it did not seem like pee. I was concerned that I had hurt myself and my penis was leaking fluid like out of a blister or something so I stopped rubbing.

Mom had the vibrator fixed between her legs. I could see her face and she began to grimace and contort she took a deep breath and held it then shrieked in what sounded like pain. I was concerned she had hurt herself to. She slumped forward and just pulled one of the towels over her. I went to my room to inspect my own damages. There was definitely fluid and it wasn't pee. It was like my penis had a runny nose.

I vowed not to jerk off for a few days to try to let it heal. Then that Saturday my parents went shopping. They asked me to go but I was so horny I said I wanted to stay home and watch a movie. As soon as they were out the door I was off to my room. My penis was rock had so hard it was difficult to get my underwear down. It seemed it had grown rather noticeably since my last go but I think it was that I was so horny.

I started stroking like I usually do but this time it felt different. It felt like I needed to pee. So I stopped and went to the bathroom to try to pee, well its nearly impossible to pee with a hard on. The vision of my Mom rubbing her tits with oil had me rock hard. I tried thinking of something to make my boner go down. That is like saying to your self do not think of the color red. All you can think about is red. I could not make my boner go down.

Finally out of desperation I went out on the deck and tried to pee with a hard on. I peed over the railing. Not much came out but I hoped it would be enough so I did not wet myself with my orgasm.

The idea of the Back massager came to mind. I figured if it felt good to Mom it would feel good to me. I went to there room it was in the bed stand. I took it to my room. I turned it on high and touched it to my penis. I yelped in pain. I could not imagine how my mom could take that for more than a second let alone ten minutes. I turned to low and tried again, NO WAY.

So I figured maybe if I put it on my balls. That was a mistake! It took a couple of minutes to recover from that. It was just like a punch in the nuts. I did not give up though. I thought maybe she just squeezed it between her legs. I tried this very tentatively at first there was no pain, in fact it did feel kind of nice. I could definitely imaging jacking off this way. I started stroking and vibe was hard to hold onto while jacking so I tucked it in tight to my crotch just below my ball sack. It felt amazing I thought I could have an orgasm just from this.

After five minutes my penis started leaking clear fluid. This had to be the same stuff from earlier in the week; I figured I had not completely healed yet. So I decided to hurry things along. I started stroking hard. I could feel my orgasm coming but I felt I needed to pee again but there was no way I could stop. My orgasm hit and my penis erupted. Shot after shot of stuff went over my head and hit the wall. It was like nothing I ever felt before. It was wonderful and overwhelming all at the same time. It took me several minutes to catch my breath. I was really worried I had broken something. The stuff that shot out was not pee. It looked more like runny puss. I started crying I knew I should not have used the back massager and now I was broken. I could not get hard again no matter how hard I tried.

Just then I heard the garage door open and I jumped up and ran the massager back to my parents room. Mom caught me coming out and asked me what I was up to. I'm not allowed in their room. I started crying, and apologizing. Mom figured out something traumatic had happened but I could not bring myself to tell her what. She was sympathetic yet forceful. She made me tell her. I broke my penis with your back massager. This clearly did not satisfy her. She wanted to know how I knew where it was, and how I and used it, and I let slip I saw you get it out and saw you using it.

In the final analysis, she was pretty understanding. I sure didn't tell her I had watched her naked for over an hour and orgasmed twice while I watched. All I could say was please don't tell Dad. Please don't tell Dad. Please don't tell Dad.

Then I brought up the courage to ask about my broken penis. She assured me I would be fine in a couple hours, I got the whole birds and bees story, with a stern admonishment not to spy on her again and to stay out of her room. I think my Dad did hear about it because a week or two later the internet filters came off and I was told about all and unnatural bad things that were out there and all the bad people. I wish sometimes I could go back but I guess it's all part of growing up. I would not have had access to this site a few weeks ago. I still jack off at least once a day, and they are never dry anymore. I haven't gotten the nerve to borrow the back massager again, but I may soon. I've asked some friends but none will admit to jerking off. I don't share my internet discoveries but it's kind of nice being treated more like an adult.



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