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First day in the new flat

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For a bit of history on this my friend Phil and I have known one another all through school so up to now about 16/17 years and have always been good friends. For the last 4 years I've been openly gay.

I know that I've always found Phil attractive since around 13 when I first started to think about guys in a sexual way. He's quite tall about 6'4 and quite lanky but muscular, with short hair and some body hair and a slight tan, too.
I'm shorter, just under 6 foot and have longer blonde hair, I'm slim and not really muscular at all but I try to be active by running.

Earlier in the summer of 2013 Phil and I moved out of our respective families homes and into a new place of our own to share, after going out the first night with some friends to eat out (and relax a bit after having moved in) I embraced the liberty of living independently by sleeping in later than usual. But I thought once I was up that I would get a start on the day so went off to have a shower and when I walked into the washroom I walked in on Phil wanking in the bathtub, I instantly closed the door and apologized for just walking in (even though the door should have been locked :P) and said he could just get on with it in peace.

So after this I returned to my room and tidied up a bit more but I couldn't help but be a little turned on upon seeing Phil playing with himself. Even at just a glance I could see the definition of his chest and abs, shiny with water. And the sight of his long cock was played over and over in my mind. But not long after the incident I heard the door to the washroom open and Phil came into my room to apologize for not being discreet. Whilst assuring him that there wasn't any need to apologize I let it slip that I thought he looked good, really good.

It was at this point that he interrupted me and said that he would be open to helping one another out. I was somewhat surprised and didn't really know how to respond to this at first and just stood there a little speechless when he decided to take his towel off and sit on my bed, beginning to resume masturbating. My initial instinct was to just stay out of anything and prevent it, but instead I pushed him back down on my bed and started stroking his body and fondling his low hanging balls (at this point completely rock hard in just my boxers and night robe). Phil began touching me also, first through my boxers and then sliding them down and off. We were jacking each other off like this for about 10 minutes before I could feel I was getting close so I stood up off the bed and repositioned myself between his legs and began licking his strong, thick member before sucking him off whilst stroking his body up and down, focusing on the area around the base of his ribs, and his navel. after a few minutes of this he said he was getting really close so I focused on sucking him a bit harder and fondling his balls some more. Before long he came in my mouth, a gushing cascade of cum. Which I let dribble out of my mouth and down his cock. I continued to suck him off a bit longer still whilst he writhed and wriggled around in a post-orgasmic ecstasy. I cleaned him up a bit with some tissues as I continued to hold and play with his now soft (but still sizeable) member.

I suggested he now do the same to me, which he didn't shy away from at all and after a similar experience (with some assplay on my request) I soon came just as violently as he had prior.

This is an experience which we have practiced occasionally since, but now he's got a girlfriend it seems like I'll need to find a new man to play with ;)



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