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First Day at Gym

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Hi, I've read a few stories on this site and thought I should contribute my story. True story which happened about a month ago. I'm 17 years old and a friend got me a free year pass to the local gym. I've had it for months then realized that I mite as well use it. It was a nice hot day, so I packed up ma clothes and headed out. I went to the men's change room and noticed it was all older guys probably in their 30-50s. I walked around the change room to see what else there was. They had a nice hot spa kind of thing and nobody was using it. So I put my shorts on and jumped in. After a few minutes and old guy came in must have been like 50. He smiled and said hi. Then we made some casual talk. Live around here and blah blah blah. The old man started carressin on his boner under the water while just relaxing with his eyes closed. I tried to sneak a peak to see if I could see anything. The more he rubbed, the more I saw under his shorts. He had a dark red pair of shorts. I was starting to get pretty hard to so I started rubbing myself. After a few minutes he was staring at my boner smiling still rubbing. He smiled and said to me that it was a nice cozy place to relax. no kids, no wife, just pleasure. I said yeah same for me. No parents, no stress, just jerking. He laughed and then offered to show me his dick. I nodded and got a little closer to him. He pulled away his shorts from his stomach and I saw a big cock. It looked half erect. but it was huge! Must have been 7 inches. He grabbed on it and started flipping it up and down trying to get it harder I guess. He smiled and said takes me a while to get it up at my age. I said wow sir, I thought u were fully hard, its pretty big. He was like a stallion. I'm not gay or anything but it was a beautiful thick dick. So how is yours doing the man said. I showed him mine. Mine was about 6 inches and I was fully hard. I didnt know what the man would say to my question but I asked him anyways. I asked him if I could wank him off and he would wank me off. The man laughed and said sure son. That would probably help me a lot. I pulled his shorts down a little more and tucked them underneath his balls. They were huge but kind of saggy. I felt them and they felt nice and warm. I then wrapped my fingers around his cock and started going up and down. Under the water it felt so nice. My hand went up that cucumber slow up and down. He closed his eyes and started moaning sayings some words to himself. With my left hand I jerked myself off. I kind of felt sorry for him so I thought I would just do him first and let him relax. I started massaging his dick all over feeling his head allover the palm of my hand. I then asked him if he could go up a stair to make it easier for me. he got a little higher, but then said it felt better under water. Then I was like well its easier to do this. Then I grabbed the bottom of his dick and started to lick it up and down then pushed it in my mouth and grabbed on his legs. The man started to fuck my face he was going at it like a horse. It was kind of funny. But his dick felt so nice and hot in my mouth. I started rubbing my own dick while he pumped his dick into my throat. I felt like I was going to cum under water. I started sucking on him then asked him to go ahead. He splattered it rite on my forehead because I didnt want to swallow anything. It shot on my forehead then another drop flew on my cheek. I started jerking him again to get every drop out. Then I bursted myself under the water and we both saw my cum float to the top. He then said thank you to me and shook my dick as a joke. He got out and wrote down his house number and said to come over any day. I said thanks but then I never called him again. that was just to weird. BUt boy oh boy it was a great day.



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