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First Date Wetness

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He was utterly drop dead gorgeous! First dates are tricky things aren't they? If you meet someone you really like, how far do you go? If you go the whole hog, will he think you are cheap and not come back, or will he think himself lucky?


I met him at work and we agreed to go out on Saturday for the day. It was a hot day, the first really hot day we have had, and I dressed the part. Summer dress, knickers, and that was about it.

We went up to London for the day and we got on like crazy. I was actually on the train with him going up to London when I became acutely aware of how sexy he was! His voice, his body language, everything. By the time our train arrived, I was already horny. (NOT helped by the fact that I haven't had proper sex for well over a year now!)

We chatted, flirted, he held my hand as we walked, he casually brushed against me and in the National Portrait Gallery, he came up behind me and put his arms around my waist. I resisted the urge not only to push back against him, but to bend forward, flick my dress up and demand he screw me in front of the paintings here and now... and it was only 11:00am!

This was no good.

I remembered in a film called 'Something about Mary' that a guy is supposed to jack off before a date because it makes him less keen on getting into a girl's knickers. Well, I wondered if the reverse might hold true. As he held me, I could actually feel my wetness growing. I swear, if I hadn't been wearing knickers, it really would have been running down my legs.

By lunchtime, I couldn't stand it any more and excused myself to go to the toilet. Safe in the cubicle, I lifted my dress and took my knickers down. DAMN, they were a mess! I run a lot, and even after a good five mile jog, I am not usually in THIS much of a mess. I slipped my knickers off and sat down, leg's spread and jilled myself to not one, but FOUR large and very fulfilling cums. I imagined him taking me in public, with everyone thinking we were a piece of installation art.

I gave myself a few moments to get my act together and for the sex flush to disappear then I tucked my soaked knickers into my bag and went back to him. He commented that I had been a long time and asked me if I was ok. (Well, I was, kind of.)

The rest of the afternoon was, I must admit, better in terms of sexual tension. God, but I still wanted him, but not quite as desperately.

In the train on the way home, we had a carriage almost to ourselves. (Lot to be said for getting the pre-rush hour trains) He kissed me and we made out for a while getting more urgent, and even whispering dirty things to each other.

When his stop arrived, he got up, with a clear hard-on sporting through his trousers. He looked down and blushed. 'Hmm, looks like I am going to have to take care of that later.'

I dived in my bag and pulled out my still damp knickers. I pressed them in his hand saying 'Use these. I was so long at lunchtime because I was in the toilet jilling off imagining you fucking the daylights out of me.'

That night, he phoned me and I got to listen as he described in minute detail what he was doing with my knickers. He told me I smelled like 'a summer meadow.' I lay on my bed, hand in the second pair of knickers I had put on that day as he told me. 'I can smell your pussy. You must smell wonderful for real. I can smell your arousal.

I didn't hear much more because of the rush of my orgasm as I creamed myself, YET again over this dishy hunk of a guy.

We met up again on Sunday. Again we went up to London to the science museum. We didn't see many of the exhibits, but we DID explore the toilets together, and it's truly amazing how much you can get away with in public sitting on a bench like two newly-weds!

Well, have to go now. (You can guess what I need to do to myself right now.)



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