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First Cum at Age 11

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I was on a website recently that featured people discussing their first time having an ejaculation. The stories ranged from mundane to nearly unbelievable and some experienced it at an earlier age, while others didn't experience it until their mid to late teens. One thing that seemed to hold true is that every author seemed to remember not just when, where and how old they were but all the feelings before, during and after. Some said they were scared while others said they were excited that first time. My favorite contributions are first time experiences because they shape so much of who we are sexually, whether it's the first time masturbating or having an 'encounter' with another person, these are intensely important moments in our lives.


There isn't to much to tell here because I was so young but I can tell you about my first ejaculation when I was 11 years old.

My sister was having a sleep over party for her birthday she was turning 9 and I was really upset because I had planned on having a friend over that night as well but had gotten in trouble earlier and my plans had to be cancelled. Rather I was the only male stuck in the house with about 20 females including my Mother and Sister, my Father was on some type of business trip.

I didn't want to have anything to do with this party so I went in my room closed the door and put on my headphones and just grumbled to myself. Anyway within a few minutes the girls bust in to my room (I had no lock). They dog-pile on me and I was so angry that I got up and 'threw' them off of me. I caused one of them to cry and my Mother scolded me and the girls left. Well, they came in a second time and did the same thing except this time I didn't fight as hard but eventually broke free and realized that for whatever reason I was enjoying this in a way that I had never enjoyed anything before. Anyway as the hour got later Mom says 'everybody get dressed for bed' which included me. My sisters room was right next to mine and I could hear all the girls talking and laughing as they got dressed for bed almost as if they were in my room.

I remember stripping down and being completely nude looking at my pyjamas hoping that the girls would come in before I put them on so rather than putting them on in a timely manner I put on my robe and left it open. Sure enough I heard the girls coming to my door and they busted in and dog-piled me while I was in my robe. I wiggled out of it and was completely nude and the girls screamed he's naked and immediately jumped off of me, making so much noise that it caused my Mom to yell at them. When my Mom came to check on me I pretended to be angry that they had came in and said I had my door closed and I was changing clothes and that they busted in, blah blah, blah. Anyway the aftermath of that brief attack was that my soldier was at full attention like I had never seen before.

So much of it was sticking up above the foreskin the entire head and even a small portion of the shaft and it just looked very bright purple almost like a crayon in the shape of a penis. I played with this exposed part of my penis for about 30 seconds when white jizz came out in huge drops almost sending me to my knees. The cum landed on the hardwood floor in snot-like puddles.

I was scared out of my mind but wiped up my jizz with a stuffed animal. Later I would be reassured by my dad that there was nothing bad about what happened to me.



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