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First Cum

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I think this site is wonderful, I wish it had been around when I was younger!


To begin with, I was brought up in a very sexually repressed home. Mom taught us from a very young age that the only reason to touch yourself was to go to the bathroom, any other touching was bad. I lived in a very rural area our nearest neighbors were over a mile away.
Well, to get to the story...
On one of our visits to the neighbors', one of their cousins (male) was in town and was staying overnight. My family ended up staying late, as the adults were all playing cards. Somehow all the girls were off doing something else, so it was just us guys upstairs.
Well, Bobby (not his real name) decided to show all us younger boys a 'trick' he learned. I was about twelve at this time, and the rest of the boys were a bit younger. Bobby, however, was about fifteen at the time. I was interested in learning this 'trick' of his. But being so repressed at the time I was shocked when he dropped his pants and started playing with his cock. I was embarrassed at the time, as I had never seen this kind of thing before. I guessed that this must be what the guys at school referred to as 'jacking off.' I watched with uneasy interest as 'Bobby' tried for a while to get an erection. After a while he gave up and quit. I guess he was just as embarrassed to have an audience as we were to be watching him.
I did try for a couple of days to figure out what he had been trying to show us, but it didn't work. That is until about a month later. I had just gone down to the basement from a relaxing bath. I was all warm and relaxed; there wasn't anyone else in the house. To this day I like to be completely dry before I get dressed. But this was a bit different. As I lay down on top of my bed I noticed I had an erection. I started to rub it a bit, and for the first time it felt really good. I rubbed it some more. It just kept feeling better... Then I got the idea to pump my cock like 'Bobby' had been trying to show us. I did this for a bit and my arm got tired, but that didn't stop me. This felt so good that I didn't want to stop. I wanted this flush, warm feeling to last forever. I continued rubbing, and then wanted it to feel better. I knew that when I pumped up and down my shaft it felt even better. As I continued strange feelings started in my groin, my cock seemed to get harder... and the longer I was doing this the better it felt. Then it happened-I came. My first time. I was so scared. Not having had any sexual instruction at all growing up, I thought I had somehow let out some fluid that should be kept inside me. But I looked at it and it was just a clear, milky, white color so I assured myself that I hadn't bled from the experience. I did figure out that it was an orgasm, my first. I cleaned up the wet spots on my blanket and made sure all the evidence was gone before anyone else got home.
As repressed as I was sexually I started to make up for it later... those are for future stories.
This is my first time telling anyone about this. I hope you enjoy it.



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