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First Cum

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The first time I felt cum squirting out of my penis.


I don't remember my first orgasm. I dimly remember learning how to masturbate as a young boy by rubbing my head against my smooth thigh, then later figuring out how to slide the remnant of my foreskin that wasn't cut off when I was little back and forth over my circumcised head.

What I remember is my first cum.

It was still small, but it was getting bigger. What was more important that past Summer, was that a little something had started coming out of my penis when I masturbated. I was a horny kid, and though I'd been rubbing my young penis to orgasm for years at that point, that Summer was when I really made masturbation part of my daily routine. Just about each morning, I'd lie in bed and rub away at the incessant, insatiable erections only dry-orgasmic boys get.

One morning, a little after school let out, I noticed that the tip of my penis was wet and slippery after I played with myself. Then, a few weeks after that, there would be a drops of the same wet, clear, slippery precum hanging off the end of my penis when I finished masturbating. A few weeks after THAT, came the wonderful, new experience of feeling a few drops of that same, clear slipperiness dribble OUT of my penis as my young hand stroked it to the end of its morning orgasm.

Looking back, I think my penis was ready to go; my young balls must've just taken a break in developing for a few months, because the pattern stayed the same from July through November-wake up, pull my boxers down, yada-yada-yada, feel a little semen drip out of my little penis as I came. That break in the development of my genitals is a big part of what made my first squirt so memorable.

I was taking a bath. For some reason I forget, I hadn't masturbated in bed that morning. My penis practically longed for my fingers; it was genuinely exciting as I wrapped them around it. I remember lying on my back in the warm water, sliding my circumcision scar up and down over the splayed-out rim of the dry head of my cleanly-cut penis. I don't remember what I was thinking about, probably the sweet little girl next door, my close friend whom I had a huge, unrequited crush on. What I remember is a sudden feeling of my orgasm building at the base of my penis, but stronger and faster than ever before, then moving up the shaft to my young head, before I even realized what was happening.

Instead of starting, though, the orgasm I could already feel just kept building. What seemed like a year later, I felt my penis suddenly fill with something hot and thick. I know it only took a few fractions of a second, but I distinctly remember feeling the irresistible fullness start at the base of my penis, move up through my hard shaft, and make my young head a little darker purple as it sped up towards the slit in the tip. Then, before I even realized what was happening, my first real cum was coursing through my thirteen-year-old penis, as I desperately tried to remember how to breathe. There was SO much of it! Before I even consciously realized what had happened, I was covered in my own cum!

Ever since, orgasms from masturbation have always been most intense when I squirt my cum right onto my own bare belly. I've told my wife this story, and she's watched me masturbate to orgasm more than once. To this day, the feelings that flowed through my virgin penis the first time I squirted cum through it are one of my favorite fantasies when I masturbate.

To whomever may be reading this: don't feel bad about reading this! I'll bet you have a story of your own that's as hot to you as this one is to me. If you don't, just keep right on rubbing your penis-or your clitoris-until you do!



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