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First Cousin

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I am a 15 year old girl and my first experience happened to me to me about 5 years ago. My family is very closed to my mom's sister and her husband and my cousin (he is 7 years older than me). They live in the town next to us and we spend a lot of time together. I would sometimes stay at their house with Tom (my cousin) instead of getting a babysitter when our parents went out at night to a movie or dinner.
This one time I was over and we were alone for the night we were completely bored and had nothing to do. We were just hanging out watching TV and there was really nothing on. It was like 11 at night and our parents told us they wouldn't be home til late, so we didn't want to go to bed yet. Tom had the remote and was flipping through the channels and stopped on Cinemax and some show about sex was on (I forget the name of it). He stopped on it for a minute and there were a group of people outside in the woods having some kind of sex workshop. They were all naked, and a lady was teaching the woman about how to please their boyfriend or husband. All the people were kinda old and pretty ugly, but I remember it was still exciting because I actually saw the men's penises. Tom asked if I wanted to watch it and I said sure and he said I had to promise that I wouldn't tell anyone that he let me. I told him I promised. So we watched it, and they had the men laying on their backs on mats on the ground, and the women were told to pour oil onto the men's chests and stomachs and then massage them. They did and then they began doing it to their penises. I couldn't believe it because the only penis I had ever seen before that was my friend's little brother's (he was 8) when we dared him to pull off his pants for us.
So we were watching and he kept asking if it was OK to watch this, was I embarrassed and I'm like no, no its fine. When I was telling him that I noticed he had his hands down by his crotch but didn't think anything of it (he was on the recliner chair across from the couch I was on. I was in my pajamas and he was just wearing shorts and a tshirt). So we kept watching. The instructor then told the women the best ways to stroke a man's penis to make him feel good, and they all started giving their man a handjob (that's what Tom told me it was called). I couldn't believe we were watching it, it was SO cool. I had heard about stuff like that from my friends (my friend Shelly had told me she saw her brother jerking off) but I never really gave it a lot of thought. But seeing it made me really curious, and the camera was on just this one couple for like 5 minutes. They were in their 40s, the guy was pretty fat and so was the lady, but his penis was really long and his eyes were closed when she poured more oil on him and started to pull on it. She had very big breasts and was really hairy between her legs. They didn't show a lot, and when the guy was groaning more and more and then he let out like this long moan they only showed his face. Then he stopped and he was smiling and he kissed his wife. Then they went to a story about girls who dance in men's topless bars.
Tom told me that when the guy was groaning and moaning that he was having his orgasm and it probably felt great. I was like what's so great about it and he said it feels SOOO good. I asked him how he knew and he said because he has orgasms and I'm like how? And he said I do it myself, it's what people do when there older it's called masturbating. As he's telling me this I can see his hand is rubbing his shorts and can kinda tell he is touching his penis. His face was kinda red to and I could tell he was nervous so I said what's the matter. And he's like, nothing it's just that watching that kind of show makes me horny. So I asked him what that meant and he said it's when a guy gets a hardon like the men in the show 'cause they're thinking about sex or they see a girl naked and it makes them horny. I'm like OK and he says want me to show you? I said show me what. And he said I'll show you my hard on if you want.
So I wasn't sure what to say but I WAS really curious and Tom was cool and really cute and had nice muscles, and he and I always got along so i'm like OK. So he says I'll show you but you really can't tell anyone and you have to swear. I told him of course I wouldn't tell, and he said OK I'll take off my shorts but you have to take off your pajamas too its only fair. I was like I don't think so, cause no one had ever seen me naked before except my mom and dad when they gave me baths when I was younger, not even any of my friends when we changed for swimming. So he said then you can't see me, so finally I'm like OK I will but I'm leaving my underpants on and he said OK. And just like that he took off his tshirt and shorts and was just in his underwear, they were white briefs and I could see his hardon WOW. He said your turn so I took off my pajama shirt and bottoms and sat back on the couch in just my bra and underpants. He said you have to take off your bra too and be just in your underwear so I did (I really hadn't developed breasts and it was really only a training bra so I didn't really mind) and sat back on the couch. Then he took off his underwear and his penis was really long and hard and it kinda bounced up against his stomach. He had black pubic hair that was around it and it went kinda in a line up to his stomach. Besides that there wasn't really any hair on his body. It was SOOOOO cool seeing a naked guy, not just his penis but his flat stomach and his arms and chest (he was really built cause he played high school football) and his butt. His butt was awesome. So he just kind stood there for a few seconds and then says what do you think? I'm like wow you're hot and he says yeah you too. I thought that would be it and we would put our pajamas back on but then he says I can show you how I have an orgasm and I'm like cool, ok. So he sits in the recliner chair and starts pulling on his penis, looking at me and I'm like WOW that is so hot. I asked him if it felt good and he says yea, REALLY good and he started rubbing his testicles with his other hand and groaning and stuff. He says could you PLEASE take off your underpants, I really want to see what you look like and it will help me have my orgasm. I'm like no Tom I don't think so I'd be embarrassed. He kept asking and almost begging so finally I said ok and without even standing up I pulled them off and put them on the floor. It was SO weird being naked in front of a guy who was naked, even though it was my cousin who was cool. I was kinda covering between my legs and he said move your hands I want to see so I did and he's like OH MY GOD and starts masturbating even faster. He's like wow you don't have any hair there it looks so sweet (I wasn't sure what he meant by that) and he stood up. Now he was standing like 2 feet away from me and he was pulling on his penis really fast and his whole face and chest were flushed and he was groaning and then he said aww Mary I'm going to do it now.
I got scared for a second and I'm like do what? And he said have my orgasm and he was breathing REALLY fast and then he kinda went AAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW and then it happened. Sperm came shooting out at first I thought he was peeing then I saw it was white and thick not like water and some hit my foot and leg and I was like ewwww! But I kept watching and he made a whole puddle of sperm on the floor and there was a lot on his hand on arm. When he was done he grabbed his underpants and used them to clean everything up and while he was doing that I put on my pajamas (not my bra and panties). After we were dressed he says remember you can't tell anyone I would get in SO much trouble and I told him not to worry. Then I said do you do that a lot and he's like yea every day. I couldn't believe it and he said yea it feels so awesome why not do it whenever you can. He said girls do it too by rubbing their vaginas and I'm like I don't think so and he said you'll find out some day. That was it he went to bed and so did I. We only stayed alone one other time after that before they move to California and now we only see each other once a year but I still remember that night because after that I experimented a lot with myself and friends and actually masturbated with my friend Shelly the next summer (another story to follow).



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